What Is Commercial Window Cleaning? 

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Commercial window cleaning is much like it sounds. Basically, a professional window cleaning company comes equipped with the tools and cleaners to clean a business’s windows to a bright shine. While this task may be far from your mind, if you own a business, there are many great reasons to invest in keeping your establishment’s windows clean. The professionals will complete a thorough cleaning, allowing your employees and patrons to have a better experience at your business. Read on to learn more about commercial window cleaning, so you can determine if adding this service to your regular maintenance plan could be beneficial for your business!

What Is Included in Commercial Window Cleaning Services?

Most commercial window cleaning services are full service. As such, they will take care to thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of the window, as well as any screens that may be present. Additionally, many professional window cleaners will also be schooled in glass restoration and renewal, so your windows continue to look brand new for years to come. Although, as always for the most accurate description of the services provided by a specific company, contact them directly for a fuller understanding of the services they offer.

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Commercial Windows?

The professionals utilize specialized equipment and techniques to clean both the exterior and interior of commercial windows, which are often multiple stories high. They typically use a combination of tools such as water-fed poles, ladders, squeegees, cloths, and detergents to remove dirt, grime, dust, and other debris from windows. Not to mention, they have the necessary safety tools and ladders to ensure they can efficiently reach every nook and crevice of your business’s windows without inviting injury. That way your business’s windows are always sparkling clean and clear!

What Are the Benefits of Having Your Commercial Windows Professionally Cleaned?

There are numerous benefits to having your business’s windows professionally cleaned. Consider them below:

1.) Extend The Lifespan of Your Windows – Dirty windows with dried on corrosive substances and debris, put your windows at risk for permanent etching. Not to mention, leaving your windows unmaintained can lead to issues with the seals that may be present around them. When you have your business’s windows regularly maintained they will last longer. Thus, extending their lifespan and making it unnecessary to replace them prematurely, saving you big in the long run. 

2.) Enhance Curb Appeal – Clean, streak-free windows make an eye-catching statement about your business to anyone who passes by. It shows that you take pride in the appearance of your establishment and care about how it looks and is presented to the public – something everyone can appreciate!

3.) Boost Your Company Image – A sparkling clean office building or shop can indicate to customers that your business is well-maintained and professional. This could be just the nudge a customer needs to choose your business over another. Plus, with clean windows, you will enjoy reduced glare from the sun and improved visibility, which will further enhance the overall look of your establishment!

4.) Better Health – Commercial window cleaning can also be beneficial to your staff and customers in terms of health. By dusting, scrubbing, and wiping away dirt and grime, you improve the air quality in the building. Thus, reducing the chances of bacteria and allergens from collecting in your establishment and sickening those inside. 

5.) Accident Prevention – Cleaning commercial windows brings with it a great deal of risk if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you lack the right tools to do the job safely. Hence, when you trust the professionals, you won’t have to worry about yourself or an employee becoming injured while hanging from a rickety ladder three stories up.

6.) Boost Morale – It is well established that the mood in a building can be significantly impacted by what the weather is like outside. For those stuck inside an office building all day, natural light is important as it helps prevent the outset of depression and listlessness. When you have your office windows cleaned, your employees will enjoy increased natural light and a clear view of the outdoors, helping to boost their moods and their morale.

7.) Stay Within Lease Requirements – If you are renting your commercial space, it is likely your contract dictates that you complete certain maintenance requirements. Having your commercial windows professionally cleaned can help ensure you avoid breaching your contract!

With so many great benefits, having your commercial windows consistently cleaned is a no-brainer!

How Many Times A Year Should I Have My Commercial Windows Professionally Cleaned?

The frequency of professional window cleaning really depends on the environment around your business. For example, if your building is surrounded by trees or other sources of dirt and grime, you may need to have the windows cleaned more often than buildings located in open areas. Furthermore, you should consider the type of business and the location of the windows. In the case of office buildings that see little outside traffic, it may not be necessary to clean the windows as frequently as a busier establishment like a doctor’s office waiting room. Regardless of the type of business, generally speaking most commercial buildings should have their windows professionally cleaned at least once every 6 months to maintain optional results.

What Types of Commercial Buildings Can Benefit from Professional Window Cleaning?

Commercial window cleaning is a service that can benefit all types of businesses. From grocery stores and offices to restaurants, high rise buildings, retail outlets, medical offices, and hotels; any business with windows can be improved with professional care! The key is to find a reputable company that gets the job done right, so your business always has sparkling, clean windows.

Is Professional Commercial Window Cleaning Impacted by Seasonal Fluctuations in Temperature?

Yes, it is recommended that you have your windows cleaned during the spring, summer, or fall seasons, rather than during the winter, unless you reside in a climate with mild temperatures year-round. Unfortunately, for those living in regions with cold winters, cleaning the windows when temperatures are below freezing could cause them to crack.

Final Words

Maintaining your business’s windows is far more important than you may have realized. With so many great benefits, you can’t go wrong in having your windows professionally cleaned. So, what are you waiting for!? Contact a professional window washing company today and take the first step in keeping your commercial windows properly maintained.