How You Can Fix The Common Home Window Troubles

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

If they function properly, windows become an excellent asset of any home. They provide fresh air and natural light to our indoors and help us to enjoy a view of the outsides. However, the windows that are not functioning properly can create problems for the homeowner.

According to The Window Experts in Hamilton most of the time, the windows get stuck or broken which creates a problem for the homeowners.

To help you out in these tricky window problems, we have come up with some excellent solutions. While some are the easy fixes, others might warrant the help of the experts. Check the following sections of this article to find out the best solutions for these problems. 

Painted Shut

Have you ever faced a window that does not budge no matter how hard you push? If you have, then check the paint of the window first from the next time.

In most cases, the paint is the culprit. To avoid this situation, paint the windows of your home with care and ensure you keep them open as the paint dries. This would break any potential seals that might be forming.

However, if the window is stuck for quite some time now, you have to take the help of some simple tools to sort this issue out. Try to find a tool to break the seal of the paint around the window. You have to go to the hardware store if such tools are not available to your home.

According to The Window Experts in Hamilton, there are many different types of tools available in the market that can help you in this task. If you have a putty knife at your home, you can use that as well to break the seal of the paint.


Insulation is one of the most important jobs of the windows of your home. However, more often than not, they do not solve that purpose. If you feel that a draft is coming through the windows of your home, then know that there is a problem that you have to fix. Instead of changing the whole window, you can try to use some of the easier ways to solve this problem altogether.

  • Caulking: If the windows aren’t properly sealed, applying caulk might solve that problem. However, before you start on that, make sure that your window is clean.
  • Weather Stripping: The weather strippings should create a solid seal around your window and stop the draft from entering your home. So, if your window does not have any weather stripping buy some and apply it on the window. You should also install new weather stripping if the old one is damaged in any way.
  • Upgrading: The last resort is replacing the old window altogether. The new windows are generally more energy-efficient and keep your home well sealed.

Water leak

If you think that one of the windows of your home is leaking, then you should pay attention to it immediately. The water leakage can cause a growth of mold or make your walls rot. There are a few ways of understanding the problems of leaking. Check it out.

  • Condensation: If there is a layer of moisture in between the window panes, then know that your window has lost the insulation that forms a seal against the outside weather. In this case, you should think about replacing the window altogether.
  • Improper Flashing: for the uninitiated, flashing is a weather-resistant material that is generally installed around the window. You can’t see the flashing from inside of your home as they are generally installed underneath the sidings of your house. If there is any problem with the flashing, the water could get inside through the windows. If this is the problem, then you should better call The Window Experts in Hamilton.
  • Failed Window Sealant: Along with the flashing, the caulk should protect the window perimeter securely. If there is any way the caulk gets cracked or pulled away, it could make your windows leak. If this is the cause of a leak, you should just re-caulk your windows so that it does not leak anymore.


Condensation is one of the leakage problems that we already have mentioned earlier. However, condensation between the window pane can be an entirely different issue as well. If you notice a bit foggy area in-between the glass panes of your window, you need to concentrate on solving the condensation issues.

The condensation can get frozen in the winter leaving an icy layer right in the midst of the window. Most people try to remove the foggy condition with the help of a dehumidifier or a fan. However, you can’t solve the problems of condensation in this way. You should think of calling the professionals if you see the problem of condensation appearing on your window.

When dealing with a faulty window, you can try to fix that on your own or call The Window Experts in Hamilton to solve the problem quickly. Talk to the experts about the issue and try to find out how they can help you to solve your window problems.