Tips and Tricks to Match Doors and Windows to Different Home Styles

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Doors and windows are both often the focal points of a home. While it appears to be most sensible to have them complement each other, figuring out how to accomplish just that appears to be a bit of a challenge to many. Knowing a few essentials about the different architectural home styles, however, can go a long way towards making your choice of doors and windows a whole lot easier to match perfectly to your home. Here are a few tips homeowners should try to remember when giving their homes a design upgrade:

  • Going traditional? Homes with stone, brick, or stucco walls usually have front-facing gables and evenly placed windows.
  • Other great window types for a traditional home are transom windows, as well as bay and bow windows.
  • For exterior doors, choose a door in a wood stain finish, preferably made of composite fiber for better quality and efficiency. The wooden look provides a timelessness that is perfect for a traditional home.

Tips and Tricks to Match Doors and Windows to Different Home Styles1

  • For those who prefer living in the now, the contemporary style speaks volumes. This particular home style is known for simplicity, its use of clean lines, and asymmetrical designs.
    • Window choices should, as much as possible, remain modest and unembellished.
    • Contemporary homes bask in sunlight and take as much of it as possible, so invest in skylights. Picture windows are an instant match for its unencumbered views of the outside, while sliding and casement windows also provide great views with added functionality.
    • For doors, an unadorned unit with a metallic finish is best. To prevent a contemporary look from becoming too stiff or cold in appearance, choose a warm wood finish for the door.

Tips and Tricks to Match Doors and Windows to Different Home Styles2

  • A Victorian home, on the other hand, has very specific features that make it easy to identify. Clapboard siding, steep-sloped roofs, ornate moldings, and rambling porches all point towards a Victorian style residence.
    • Windows that would pair well with this home style are double hung, bay, bow, transom, arched, and even special-shaped windows.
    • Doors are usually wooden doors or paneled fiberglass with decorative or stained glass panes.
    • Do not be afraid to use bold colors for windows and doors, as is normally seen in Victorian homes.

Tips and Tricks to Match Doors and Windows to Different Home Styles3

  • For those going for that Mediterranean appeal, the buzzwords are terracotta roofs, stucco walls, balconies, and arched windows and doors.
    • A window wall can be great for a Spanish-style home , and offers a magnificent, uninterrupted view of the outside. Arched windows are a staple in Mediterranean homes, as well as window grilles made of wrought iron or wood.
    • For entryways, it is all about grandeur and making a statement. Double doors are almost always used. Colors are either dark hues or rich wood finishes.

Tips and Tricks to Match Doors and Windows to Different Home Styles4

Windows and doors are bought for their primary functions, but their decorative aspect helps complement various architectural home styles. By following the aforementioned tips, you can create a look that accurately represents a specific architectural style.


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