Why Pressure Cleaning High Rise Building Windows and Walls Is Important For Health

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Tall buildings shouldn’t be neglected simply because cleaning the exterior or windows seems challenging. When you choose to work with a professional window cleaning service familiar with the process and have the necessary equipment, it’s a relatively quick and affordable process.

Ben from Off Your Wall shares some insights into why regular pressure cleaning is not just about aesthetics but also health and well being. Particularly in residential high rise buildings.

It’s also vital for several reasons that may not be so obvious at first. For example, clean windows boost productivity. A happy worker is a more productive worker. A windowsill caked in dust or bird droppings, and windows that are dull and block light, bring down the morale of the people that work there.

By keeping windows clean, you will also reduce the need for artificial light – studies show that those that work with a natural light benefit in many ways, including having healthier sleep rhythms. Clean windows that allow in lots of natural sunlight will ensure people get the daylight they need to regulate their circadian rhythm. These natural rhythms control the sleep cycle and can affect how much and how deeply people sleep. Inadequate sleep can lead to serious health issues.

A staff that is often off work due to illness can also hamper productivity. Window washing should be a part of a building’s cleaning regimen, and we know that clean building reduces sick days. This is partly because washing removes dust and pollen that collects on the windowsills and blows into buildings, triggering allergies. Mould and bacteria can also thrive on windowsills in shaded areas and near damp spots like AC condensers if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

The health risks of the build-up of materials from air pollution are real. Air pollution can leave behind nitrogen oxide, which causes damage to lung tissue. Bird droppings also include toxins and diseases that can become airborne and cause illness in those that live or work in buildings.

How Pressure Washing Works

Adding pressure cleaning to form part of a regular maintenance program is advisable. If the grime is left too long, the pressure washing will be less effective in dealing with the issue. Over time contaminants cause damage to the building, so it’s important to deal with them before the stains require intensive, or repeated, efforts to remove. In some cases, you may never achieve the result you want because the damage is irreversible if you leave it too late.

Pressure washers use strong blasts of water from a pump. The water can be emitted in hot, cold, or steam versions, with the intensity forcing the debris and dirt to fall away from the façade or windows. What happens is the pressure generates kinetic energy. This breaks up the dirt and grime that chemically bonded to the surfaces. It may be necessary to use detergents, and soaps can be used to loosen the elements to make the process easier.

Commercial Power Washing

Commercial power washing can be used on most surfaces, including bricks, concrete, glass, wood, aluminum, or steel. Apart from the health benefits, cleaning the façade will alert the building owner to other maintenance needs. With a high rise building, it is not readily apparent when there are damage and deterioration to the structure. Only once a team of pressure washers is up there they will be able to inspect the details. Furthermore, once they have cleaned the surface, hidden problems may be revealed. 

The commercial pressure washing process makes it easier to spot small problems such as rust and rot. The bonus is that the pressure washing process will already prime the surface ready for repair. It’s much easier to fix a small issue like a spot of rust than being blissfully unaware until an entire structure becomes a hazard through deterioration and needs emergency repairs on a large scale.

As you can see, high rise window and façade pressure cleaning are considered to be a preventative maintenance measure that keeps walls and windows from deteriorating. It’s advisable to clean windows twice a year on buildings that already exist. However, with new builds, it’s crucial to clean them quarterly in the first year after the construction is completed. This is because the sealant used in windows in buildings that have been built or renovated can initially run. This leads to stains in the glass windows that cannot be removed. 

Factors that will affect how often a high rise building or windows need to be cleaned include:

  • Location: If the building is close to a busy street, parking lots, or high trees, the windows will need to be cleaned more often.
  • Climate: Cities with high rainfall will lead to windows getting stains and smudges more often.
  • Industry: Certain business types that need more frequent window cleaning, such as shopping malls. A dirty looking building will give a poor impression to shoppers.

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