7 Unconventional Window Cleaning Tips

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Last updated: December 28, 2020

Keeping your house sparkling clean is not always the easiest task, but it is especially difficult to keep windows dustless, spotless and streak free. There are, of course, hundreds of window cleaning products and bizarre contraptions that claim to make the job simpler, but they can often be expensive, have chemical odors or are simply not all that effective.

Bax Clean window cleaning services share some unconventional window cleaning that can help you attain your goals to have clean and sparkly windows for the new year.

Here is a compilation of tried and tested, and perhaps unconventional, window cleaning tips and tricks aimed to make cleaning your window areas cleaner, in as little time as possible.

  1. Window cleaning solutions you purchase from the store can often be rather pricey, but you’ll be surprised that the basic formula is probably already in your cupboard. Combine a tablespoon of your usual liquid dishwashing soap (not for a machine) and about half a cup of vinegar (known for its cleaning and disinfectant properties) in an available gallon-sized bottle and top up with water. Decant into a spray bottle and spray directly onto the window, and wipe off with a cloth. And there you have it- the cheapest most effective window solution you’ve ever used.

Check the following homemade window cleaning solutions you can try:

  • Vinegar And Water Solution: Mix one-part distilled white vinegar to warm water (10 parts) in a spray bottle. Use a clean and soft paper towel or lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe down your windows and remove dust before spraying the solution on the entire surface.
  • Alcohol And Water Solution: You can also use a cup of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, a cup of water, and a tablespoon of vinegar. Fill your spray bottle. Use the solution as a glass window cleaner. Make sure to store leftover solution in a cool place and away from heat source because this mixture is flammable.
  • Ammonia And Water: Ammonia can be mixed with your unconventional window cleaner. Mix one part ammonia, mild detergent, and 10 parts water. This substance has a favorable characteristic, which evaporates rapidly. When it evaporates, ammonia does not leave a residue that usually attracts dust and dirt behind. Since ammonia evaporates quickly, your window will less likely form streaks.

  1. Drying your windows is often overlooked in the battle against streaks and spots, and you’ve probably tried using a pile of cloths and sponges. A trick I find useful is using squeegees and old newspapers, the paper is both tough enough to remove grime build up, but soft enough to not cause scratches or damage to your windows.
  1. Get in those hard to reach places with a sponge brush, or square of sponge secured to a pencil, and use some cleaning solution to clean out your window sill and tracks. If you have noticed some mold or grime, apply a baking soda and vinegar solution (1 tsp. each) for about 8 minutes and then wipe off. For wooden sills, combine vinegar and tea tree oil, leave for 30 minutes, and wipe away the mold!
  1. For dusty window screens that are probably covered in fluff or pet hair, if you have one, use a lint roller or some Scotch tape to pick up all the fluff. You might want to try squeegee cleaning–dampen the squeegee and clean your glass windows from the top to bottom. Wipe the squeegee edges after every stroke.
  1. To clean the outside of your windows use a flat sponge mop of attach a sponge or cloth to your mop or broom and go to town, if you are higher up just stick it out the window to reach those spaces. As you probably noticed, windows leave streaks after cleaning. This is because of the evaporation rate, wherein the cleaning solution evaporates quickly, leaving streaks behind. One way to resolve this problem, most especially for exterior windows, is to take your time cleaning the windows. Doing it quickly will result to unsightly window streaks.
  1. Regularly wash or steam clean your curtains to remove dust build-up and dry in direct sunlight to kill allergy-causing dust mites. If your windows have really stubborn dirt buildup, applying vinegar can cut through grime and grease. First, you have to wash the window edges and then the entire surface of the window. Squeegee away excess vinegar and wipe down the squeegee using a clean rag or soft cloth after a number of strokes.

  1. Lastly, if you have slatted blinds, and are not a frequent cleaner, they are probably so dusty it seems impossible to clean without more time and effort than you hoped. Not anymore! Grab two cloths (microfiber cloths are probably my favorite invention, especially for windows and mirrors), some rubber bands, and either some barbecue tongs or even to rulers, wrap and secure the cloths and slide the two pieces along the slats, I guarantee this trick saved you half the time on those puppies.


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