Checklist for Window Cleaning by Pressure Cleaning

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

You probably spend a few hours every week to clean your house thoroughly. However, have you ever washed your windows the way you clean your house? Very few of you may have done so. It is imperative to say that washing the windows of your house is very important. It not just helps your property too look attractive from the outside, it also allows more amount of light to enter the rooms and brighten them naturally according to

Checklist for Window Pressure Cleaning

There are several homes that have windows that are really dirty. They have years of dirt and dust stuck to the window panes and borders that simply refuse to come off with a simple cleaning process. What they need, is a pressure clean. If you decide to pressure clean the windows of your house, here is a checklist that you need to prepare beforehand.

  • Ensure That You Remain At Home: There are several situations wherein homeowners make an appointment for pressure cleaning of their windows and fail to remain at home for the appointment when professionals arrive for the cleaning job. Although it is acceptable for you not to be at home for the appointment, it is extremely crucial that you do remain indoors if it is the first time of pressure cleaning for your house.
  • Pets: If you have pets at home, make sure that they are not left on the yard when the professional pressure cleaners arrive for the job. There are several homeowners who forget all about their pets and later have to regret since, most of the time these pets do not allow the cleaning job to get completed. Even if your pet is calm and quiet, it will be better to put them away so that the professionals can concentrate on their job in hand.
  • Unlock Your Fences And Gates: It is important that you unlock the gate and fences before the professionals start their pressure cleaning job of your house windows. This is because they may require easy access to the property to finish their job smoothly and within schedule.
  • Water Faucets: It is needless to say that pressure washing requires a proper water supply. Thus, you will have to make the professional pressure cleaners access a water faucet within your property. This faucet will be where they will attach their pressure hose. You will have to make sure that the faucet is strong and works smoothly before the arrival of the professional pressure cleaners.
  • Get Rid Of the Debris: Do you have debris in your yard or on your patio or even in the vicinity where the professionals will be pressure cleaning your windows? It is important that get rid of all the debris in these areas so that the professionals can work properly on your windows and do not have to worry about tripping and falling over debris lying around your property. Even if you have chairs, tables, boxes or any other things lying all over your house, you will have to arrange them neatly so that these do not cause any accidents.

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