Vivint Security Company Review

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Vivint is a great home-security company, they specialize in being more than a security solution. It wants to serve all your needs, be it security, home automation, remote monitoring or anything else. There’s nothing quite like Vivint in the industry, and you certainly won’t find such a comprehensive all-encompassing package anywhere else.

Vivint excels in terms of features and quality, since the manufacturing is done by a sister company. This means that for all intents and purposes, Vivint has complete control over every step of the process, giving its products a quality that none have.


Like all good security companies, Vivint’s equipment is completely wireless. No wires for being disrupted by nature, or being cut by a savvy thief. But that’s not it. Vivint prides itself on being complex, yet being simple. This means being feature-filled, but these features are packed together in one seamless package that makes it all look very simple.

This is why Vivint’s control panel is a large touchscreen with a simple interface, giving you access to lots of features without overwhelming you. Now being a home security solution is not enough. Vivint also has the greenest solution on the market. In addition to being green in its operations, Vivint offers additional features that may help you in becoming more environmentally friendly. For instance, Vivint can install Solar Panels for you, and you can do things like dim lights and control your thermostat to manage your power usage. Vivint can make you greener in no time, and it is all very smooth and seamless.

Once again, Vivint is not a home-security solution. It is the full-package, and that means you can take control of every aspect of your home. Once installation is completed, you can lock doors, dim lights, turn devices on and off and monitor camera footage without ever leaving your couch through your smartphone.

Vivint makes home-automation easy, and makes your smartphone the remote control to your home. You can control every aspect of your home from anywhere, anytime and any device you want. That’s unprecedented, and you may just as well choose Vivint for its home-automation alone.

At the end of the day, Vivint takes these seemingly different platforms and services, and integrates them into one mega platform that is easy to use, and acts as a one-stop solution for all your needs. There’s no other home-security solution on the market that can promise excellence in every field but they are on their way to being the first.

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