10 Tips on How to make Your Home Less Appealing to a Burglar

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Home is the private space where not only people relax, feel comfortable, appreciate what they have, but feel secured too! However, the shooting rate of burglaries always builds a constant pressure and fear upon everyone and impels them to think that they might be the next victim. And, this stress amplifies if you own an attractive property. Thus, it is vital that you take measures to guard and shield your safest place (home) on the planet.

Besides others, one of the first and the simplest things that you can start with is to make your abode a less alluring option for the intruders. Following are the ways to achieve that:

Conceal the windows!
Outsiders should NOT be allowed to peek inside. To achieve this, you may use blinds, drapes, or shades on all the windows so that the internal view becomes opaque for the intruders when they see it from the outside.

Crop the chaparral!
Bushes and shrubs act as a good hiding space for the housebreakers. Thus, it is recommended to trim them timely and properly to discourage any undesirable activity in your home.

Use motion sensor lights!
The property with dark or poor lighting arrangement would extend a warm welcome to any trespasser because such lighting conditions can help him go unseen and would certainly lead to an easy escape. The solution to this is the motion sensor lights. Having them positioned, if still someone tries to break-in, the motion sensors will get activated and the lights would be turned on, brightening up the entire place. Needless to say, this will stop him from executing his plan any further.

Convey it using a signboard!
A sign says it all! The board placed at the entry saying “Smile! You are being watched by surveillance cameras” would clearly state to the unwanted people that don’t even think of coming inside. The consequences can be severe! This would be more than enough to demotivate any cracksman.

Checking and Replacing Locks.
Burglars’ first choice for entry would either be a door or a window. Good locks will obviously ensure enhanced security. Thus, investing in one of the best deadbolts available in the market would be a wise decision. Also, keep a check and replace your locks with the latest ones whenever required. Last but certainly not the least, before sleeping or leaving the house, cross check whether the door and windows are properly fastened or not.

Security alarms
Think of a scenario where someone tries to intrude into your premises and security alarm gets triggered. What do you think would be the first reaction of that intruder? ‘Runaway’, right? And, believe me! The same will happen. The alarm sound will fill the intruder with panic and force him to rush away from that place as quickly as possible.

Fencing the borders of your property.
Secured borders act as a significant deterrent for any burglar. As a foolproof measure, you may also opt for professional fencing. The professional security fencing will give you enhanced safety and would also add to the number of barriers that the thief needs to surpass to enter into your property.

Alarming Canines
Dogs are still one of the best guards and default alarming agents. The more ferocious they look and loudly they howl, the more would be the distance between your home and bad people. Anyone would think twice before breaking and entering into a dog-guarded house.

Don’t display your shopping
Shopped online or offline; make sure not to dispose of the huge empty boxes in the trash barrel outside your house. This will only lure unwanted attention to your place. Moreover, it is better to cut the huge boxes into small chunks before discarding them.

Be sure
You need to be careful by the impostors as they fake being someone we are already expecting, such as plumber, painter, tree trimmer, technician or someone alike. Thus, before giving such people the permission to enter, check their id proof and cross-check with the information that the concerned company has forwarded to you. Unless you are content with the details, don’t let them enter your place.

Above things are not unknown, it is just that we don’t pay heed to them. Hope this article drags your attention and this time, you do everything that takes to make your house less vulnerable to burglars!


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