Modern Locks that Provide Ultimate Security for your Home

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a world that is less than secure and most of us worry about the safety of our family. And as everyone will tell you, home security starts with the front door lock. It is among the most sensitive entry points and many burglars decide to go through the front door, so to say.

The good thing is that there are locks these days that will provide you with added security by employing the latest in home-sec technology and by making it impossible for burglars to simply pick the lock. So, what are the types and how to choose?

August Smart Lock

Smartphone Locks

Believe it or not, but locks can be operated via your smartphone these days, adding to the home-sec uses that smartphones feature these days. They use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to your phone and they enable you to lock, as well as unlock them using your phone. What’s more, some of them also have cameras built into them and you will be able to watch the live feed on your phone. In addition to this, you’ll find a number of these locks that also send you warnings when other people want to get inside. If you are worried as to how other people in your family will enter the home, do not worry. You can program these locks so that different phones can be used to operate them.

Proximity Locks

If you want something that will really make you feel like you are in a science fiction movie, you will want to install a proximity lock in your door. These locks also use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and they work by recognizing the signal coming from your phone or the fob that you get with the lock. When they notice that you are approaching, these locks will unlock automatically without you having to do a thing. Of course, they are programmable so that they work for other people in the family too.

Biometric Locks

While we are on the subject of locks that look like something from science fiction, we simply cannot forget about biometric locks. These locks need to “read” certain biological or anatomical data in order to lock and unlock. The most common type are those biometric locks that require the correct fingerprint. However, there are also locks that can read your retina although these are mostly used for commercial purposes.

Touchscreen Locks

These locks are not that much different from keypad locks which utilize some sort of a numerical or alphabetical password in order to let you in. The only difference is that these locks will feature a touchscreen instead of a keypad of some kind. They are way cooler and some of them are also able to “write to you”, welcoming you with messages. Many of these will also allow you to work them using your smartphone.

Word from Experts

We talked to experts from a 24 hour locksmith firm and they told us that these new, high tech locks are definitely a step in the right direction. However, they have also warned us that these locks do not provide the user with any added physical security. If you want that, you will still need to go with good old-fashioned bolts that will ensure no one can break into your house using brute force. They have also warned us that these locks may experience software issues and that it is always a better idea to go with high-tech locks which also feature the traditional key and hole.

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