Stuck During a Home Renovation? Your Smartphone Can Help

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kravelv

Diving into home improvement can seem daunting, especially for first timers, but smartphones can help make the task easier. Of course, they can’t replace the need for tools, paint, and contractors, but they can make tasks such as picking paint colors and finding decorating ideas a lot easier.

Install Home Improvement Apps

The modern world of apps has made home improvement a lot more accessible, and there is a lot of diversity in the type of apps you can download. Design apps, such as Home Design 3D let you recreate your house online as long as you have the real-world measurements. From there you can fill your virtual home with furniture, add paint to the walls, and experiment with what looks best. The app Roomscan Pro provides the same service, but it can determine the measurements of your space simply by touching your phone to your wall, eliminating the need for measuring.

Decor apps like Tap Painter let you import pictures of your home and change the colors of the walls at will, giving you palettes to match your surfaces or letting you pick any color from a selection of color swatches. RoOomy has a showcase of 3-D spaces accessible in-app that includes prices for every piece of furniture shown.

You can even get professional help through apps. HomeAdvisor and Smith: Home Remodel, Improvement & Repairs both contain lists of pre-screened contractors to choose from in your area, and each app provides quick service, generally getting bids in under 24 hours.

Get the Best Smartphone for Home Renovations


Many of the apps listed above are exclusive to iOS, meaning that iPhone users are at an advantage when it comes to home renovations. The iPhone 7 Plus for T-Mobile comes equipped with two 12-megapixel wide photo and telephoto cameras, meaning that the images imported into your home improvement apps will be the best of the best. Plus, when paired with T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, you’ll always be connected, even when your home renovations temporarily remove your Wi-Fi.

Read Blogs for Ideas

Keep up to date on the latest trends for homeowners by following blogs dedicated to home improvement. Blogs like Kravelv help fellow DIYers by sharing tips on how to improve your home, whether it be through interior design, construction projects, or small DIY crafts. If you’re looking for inspiration, finding a blog to follow that caters to your taste can go a long way. Make sure to sign up for blog email lists to stay updated on the newest info, and don’t forget to add them to your RSS feed as well.

Upgrade Your Home’s Technology

While on the pricier side, it can be worthwhile to upgrade the tech in your home for the modern age. Today, many appliances can connect to your smartphone so that you can directly control them from there. As long as you have the appropriate app, any smart tech in your home is accessible from one place, including the lights and the AC. It can also connect to your television, your computer, and even your refrigerator, eliminating the need for multiple devices. There are smart door locks as well that end the need to carry keys, which can be helpful if you’re prone to losing yours.

Another benefit of smart tech is its low energy use. Most modern appliances are Energy Star-approved, meaning they use less energy than older appliances, so over time they start to pay for themselves. New appliances can also jump-start a renovation by bringing in a new look to an older space, inspiring a complete room makeover.

For any homeowner that wants to improve their living space, a smartphone can quickly become an indispensible tool. From checking home improvement ideas on blogs to measuring your space, from experimenting with paint colors to connecting your home, a smartphone can turn home improvement from exhausting work into a labor of love.

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