Simplisafe vs ADT: Which One for Your Home Security?

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To remain stress-free and see your family doing safe, even when you are not nearby is one of the basic needs in today’s world.

Installing a home security system has increased at an alarming rate, and the very thought of it makes ADT appear as the first name in anyone’s mind. ADT is 140 years old, well established, premium company. 

But if you go for thorough research in today’s market, you will come to know about a very new company named SIMPLISAFE, which is an absolute contrast to ADT. Simplisafe is a unique, thriving, economically priced, and very supportive company for the masses and has slowly started to dent the market with all its lucrative attributes.

Simplisafe vs ADT – An Overview


In the year of 2006, Chad Laurans and Eleanor Laurans founded a home security company named SIMPLISAFE. An American company that deals with the production and distribution of security systems, which is wireless and can be effectively associated with the basic and pivotal monitoring center.

The headquarters of Simplisafe is located in Boston in Massachusetts of the United States of America. The unique feature of Simplisafe is that you can set up this sharp and brilliant security system at your residence or office all by yourself and that too, without any hazards or difficulty. The company has a strong customer base, mostly from the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Read our Simplisafe Review.


ADT is also an American company. It also deals with the manufacturing and supplying of electronic security for home and business units. One of the segments of the world-famous Apollo Global Management, the gigantic company, is the ADT. In the year 1874, Edward A. Calahan led the foundation of the company ADT.

The headquarters of ADT are stationed at Boca Raton in Florida of The United States of America. ADT Corporation acts as a holding company to many subsidiary companies like ADT Holdings, Defenders, Electro Signal Lab Inc., ADT US Holdings, etc. Read our ADT Review.

Simplisafe vs ADT – Similarities

To compare these two home security systems analytically, we need to find out the similarities they have with each other first. Then go for identifying their dissimilarities and finally examine which product scores a competitive advantage over the other and to what extent.

1. Security Quality

Both of them provide high-quality security for home or office or any rental set up. 

2. Professional supervising

Both ADT and Simplisafe render connectivity to twenty-four hours security checking for your dwelling place or office supervising that no alarm goes overlooked.

3. Command over Market penetration

Both these companies have a strong command over the market and have extended market penetration intensively and extensively.

4. Notification

Both the companies are characterized for sending notifications through emails and texts and even push notifications for alarm events, making it very easy for you to know every present scenario of your home.

5. Monitoring the Neighborhood

Both companies have several sensor options for monitoring the environment like carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, and smoke detectors, ensuring the safety and security of the customers beyond imagination and providing tight eco protection.

Now we need to notice those criteria where the said companies’ products differ and try to score better than the other, giving each other a competitive edge to cut through.

Simplisafe vs ADT – Differences

1. Installation:


For installing the Simplisafe security system at your residence, you can easily go for do it yourself process and without any adversity. You can even call in a team of professionals or technicians for installing the system, but it is purely optional.

For this, you need to seek a prior appointment and make the installation done by paying a very nominal installation charge of $79, which is quite reasonable than that of others prevailing in the market.


Unlike Simplisafe, you will require a team of technicians and professionals to do so for installing the ADT security system at your residence or office. It is mandatory because the customer himself cannot install the ADT system. The installation charge is also a bit higher than that of Simplisafe.

The client has to pay an installation charge of $99 to $199 for ADT but can easily curtail this cost down if he goes with the Simplisafe.

2. Service to Customers


Service to the customers is the prime most factor of consideration in the case of Simplisafe. To them, the customers are like their God. The pricing is the gleaming factor from the customers’ point of view.

Moreover, the optional technician team that goes for installing the Simplisafe security system also charges the least as Simplisafe is very easy to install and has the DIY factor. Besides, these technicians are very well behaved.

For this reason, the customers are very satisfied with the service of Simplisafe. The one to one interaction with the customers and addressing any problem in the fastest possible way is very much appreciable, which every company should practice.


ADT is also famous for its customer service, and they are also trying to take the service to a supreme level by inducing some innovations in this front. 

Both of the companies’ focus is on their customers, and both of them consider that their service to their clients is one of the most pivotal parts of their concern.

Looking for high graded service from a company is the only thing that most customers search for. Moreover, these two companies know how to become a sustainable and profitable brand in the long run by winning their clients’ hearts.

3. Contractual Agreement


There is no contractual agreement for the services in the case of the Simplisafe home security system. So it is considered one of the best features that any security system companies can provide to their customers.

Everyone prefers to avoid commitments and keeping this criterion in mind Simplisafe does not penalize its customers for canceling the monthly monitoring service, which makers Simplisafe stand out in the market and indulge the customers voting more for Simplisafe.


Here, the contractual agreement regarding home security installation is either for two years or three years. The cost, in this case, is paid on a rental basis. ADT also provides half-yearly money-back assurance to its customers. There is no upfront cost. But, in the ADT case, if a customer cancels the contract earlier than its term, the customer is liable to pay an additional fee for the same.

4. Warranty


Simplisafe ensures a warranty period of three years for their equipment, which is a quite standard and reasonable length of period for any replacements or repairing the system.


The warranty policy of ADT is superbly outstanding. As long as you keep using the ADT security system, you are entirely covered for any replacement or repairing the equipment. There is no limitation period for ADT.

ADT provides a lifelong warranty, whereas Simplisafe offers three years warranty. 

5. Automation at Residence


You can easily arm and disarm the Simplisafe system of security with your voice and even automate your life to connect to the third party. With this system, you can set up thermostats or even the smart lights at your dwelling. It has immensely astounding capabilities and works very well with Alexa, Apple Watch, Google Home, and lots more.


ADT home automation system is very well structured and incredibly highly designed.ADT home security system features a fabulous technology known as the Z Wave Technology, which enables the connectivity of many digital assistants to the product for usages like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and lots more.

Where Simplisafe provides compatibility with various digital assistance, ADT offers greater prospects towards your system’s functioning with smart home applications.

6. Trial Period


Simplisafe offers its customers to return the product within the first two months, which means sixty days if the system’s installation fails to satisfy the customer. This period is termed a trial period or Money Back Guarantee. The customer can even get a cover-up of the controlling expenses expended during the time of installation. 


ADT offers the customers to return the product within the first six months, i.e., one hundred and eighty days, from the installation date. The customers are even entitled to get a cover-up for the controlling expenses incurred by them. But there are certain clauses to it which must be carefully taken into consideration by the buyers. 

On average, most of the companies practice thirty-day trial periods. Still, Simplisafe and ADT offer a trial period of sixty days and six months, respectively, along with Money Back Guarantee.

7. Cost of Monitoring


There are two options for monitoring provided by the Simplisafe. They are:-

  • Self-monitoring – The cost of tracking is free here. For this, you can download the free Simplisafe mobile app.
  • Professional monitoring – Under this system, you will be constantly alerted through videos and emails for each and fraction of second regarding your home security. For that, you need to pay a very nominal charge of $14.99 per month to $24.99 per month, depending upon the package’s choice.


There are various monitoring plans under the ADT security system, and the price of monitoring is directly dependent on the plan which the customer opts for.

Each plan has some extra benefits from the security perspective with certain specific features like home automation, live video, etc. The monthly monitoring cost ranges from $36.99 to $62.99.

The cost of monitoring is quite high in the case of ADT compared to Simplisafe.

8. Cost of Tools and Equipment


The package cost ranges from $230 to $500 on your choice of product. The options of tools and equipment available under the Simplisafe security system are expensive but still provide the basics with a great utility like indoor camera, keypad, smart lock, sensors, a video doorbell, base station, and lot more. 


ADT offers a high quality of security tools and equipment like inside outside cameras, alarms, smoke detectors, flood sensors, z wave technology, custom alerts, recorded clips, keypad, and many more. All of them are the best in the market and high-end products, and so they are a little bit expensive than the rest in the market. The basic ADT security costs start from $599 for equipment, which includes almost everything you might require, and by incurring additional expenses; you can even purchase higher packages. 

ADT is a highly-priced product in home security, whereas Simplisafe is very lucratively priced from the customers’ point of view.

Who is it best for?

From the above comprehensive, detailed analysis, it is advisable to go for Simplisafe if you reside in a rented apartment and that too for a certain period of a year or two.

Simplisafe is user friendly as well as the pocket pinch is also quite less than compared to ADT. Moreover, the installation is also pretty simple in the case of Simplisafe, with a decent trial period and can solve the security purpose at its best than any other security system available in the market.

ADT is much tactically suitable for those who want to install this security system in an organization and use it for industrial purposes or in a big house, their permanent residential address. ADT has designed its product for little high-end customers who will pay more to get extra advantage and a very hifi security system.

Both of the companies are found to be the best in their periphery. The basic difference lies in their target customers and business strategies, which are complementary to each other and so you could reveal out these differences.

Final Words

Hope this simplisafe vs adt comparison helps you in developing a rock-solid understanding related to the differences between ADT and Simplisafe. Now is the time to analyze your requirements so that you can pick the right one and make the most out of your investment!!

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