Bright Bedroom on a Budget

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Do you seem to think that the interior of your room brings down the scheme of your whole room? Are you looking for ways to spice up and brighten up your room without creating a hole in your pocket? Well then, fear not! Read on as I highlight some easy and budget friendly ways to help you do just that.

Add an accent wall

At times, due to budgets constraints we are not able to paint all four walls of the room. Painting an accent wall is amazing for such times as they cut cost without compromising the outlook of your room.  Apart from that, if you’re into darker shades of colors then you must have noticed that painting all four walls the same dark color can bring down the whole room, which is not a good idea. So to brighten up your room, paint one wall a really bright color, like tangerine or yellow and it will uplift your whole room flawlessly.

Add plants

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Adding plants in your room not only freshens it up bit also makes it smell real good. Plants are a treat to eyes. You can always look in your backyard for flowers and beautiful plants. The next step is just to bring the outdoors in. This is perhaps the most budget friendly way of decorating your bedroom.

Create a photo wall

Photo wall is a great way to display beautiful and cherish able moments of your life in your room. The good thing about creating a photo wall is that you can go to your nearest thrift store and find some great photo frames for a very low price. You can also further spray paint them so that they go with the color scheme of your room. And then you can just hang them on an empty wall and voila! You have an amazing looking photo wall in your room. To spice up the photo wall you can surround the frames with fairy lights. This is an amazing way to lighten up your room.

Add a reading corner

To make yourself a nice reading corner in your room clear out a little space in one of the corners in your room. Place a spare chair if you have it in your home or you can get it from a flea market or garage sale for a low price. To make it feel more alive, add a floor lamp and a table to stack up your books on. You can also use this corner to relax or use your laptop when you’re working on something.

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Change up the bedding

If everything else is too hard for you to get done then perhaps you can think about changing the bedding. If you feel that your room currently looks dull then add bright colored sheets, pillows and comforter. This is a great way to add life to the interior of your room because when someone enters into your room, typically the first thing they notice is the bed as it’s the biggest furniture piece in a room.



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