Using AC Devices in an Earth-Friendly and Healthy Way


Both homes and commercial buildings are in need of green and healthy air conditioning systems. The reasons are simple: typical air conditioning units had somewhat negative effect on both the health and the environment. Not only that, but they are way more expensive to maintain and their energy consumption is off the hook. “Green” air conditioning units are gaining popularity, and are in high demand. But is there really any difference between a typical air conditioning and a “green” one? Can one tune his typical air conditioning into an eco-friendly one? Let us find out.

Optimizing your energy consumption

The best way to optimize your energy consumption is to make a few home improvements. Firstly, you can start with adding shades and putting them down as soon as the Sun hits the windows. Keep your windows and doors closed during the hottest period of the day to reduce indoor temperature significantly. Another thing you can do is add weather stripping, to additionally cover air leaks and improve energy consumption. Your air conditioning system will use energy in a more efficient way and be more eco-friendly.

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Choose your AC carefully

There are significant variations between AC systems. Usually, these differences are in terms of energy usage and performance. The only difference which makes all the difference nowadays is eco-friendliness. So when buying an air conditioning unit, choose the one whose size will suit your house or room. Buying a too small or too big one is always a wrong choice. Look for the ones that use ozone-safe cooling agents, rather than those that use HCFC or CFC agents. It might cost a few dollars extra to purchase, but it will refund itself through the bills in the days to come. And not only that, but cheaper air conditioning units usually have shorter warranty and have higher energy consumption.

The quality of indoor air

Most air conditioning units recirculate the indoor air. This is how they work and what they do. In the process, air becomes stale, and can be dangerous for your respiratory system. It is very important to ventilate your house several times a day. That way, you will ensure that there is enough fresh air inside your home. You can do it before you go to sleep, after you wake up and several other times during the day. For any additional questions regarding the air quality, you should advise the expert at Apex Airconditioning.  Air quality is a very important factor, and should be taken seriously. Do not forget to ventilate your home and preserve your lungs from potential respiratory diseases caused by air conditioning.

Regular maintenance

Just like every other electronic device, air conditioning requires regular maintenance. This usually means removing collected dust and debris, and cleaning the filters. At least once a year replace the filters wit new ones, and try and clean them at least every two months. If you see or hear your air conditioning acting weird or creating noise, you should turn it off and call for proper maintenance. Only the professionals with training can deal with these issues, for there are lots of things which could have gone wrong. Do not try and fix it yourself, for you might end up doing more damage than good.

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Air conditionings are taking care of you, and also need to be taken care of. Your goal is to make their operations healthier and eco-friendlier. By adjusting a few things, you can easily work your way around and have a “green” air conditioning unit. Reduce its energy consumption, maximize the indoor air quality and enjoy the change of seasons in the comfort of your home.

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