How Often Does an Air Conditioning Unit Need Service

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Air conditioners are meant to improve the quality of life by regulating your house and surroundings’ temperatures. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially if you consider that they sometimes break down and fail to work optimally.

However, you can enjoy the gains of a good air conditioning unit if you invest in proper and regular maintenance. This means that you should know when to service the air conditioner and what to do during those times.

In case the temperatures in your house are extremely high, especially when the temperatures are hot or too cold when they should be warming your house, then you need to have it checked. To avoid investing in repairs, which could be expensive in the long run, you can focus on preventing the damage by having the AC checked at regular intervals.

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Why It is Important to have your AC Checked

Having the AC checked every year is crucial. It is one of the ways that ensure that the C remains dependable and reliable. This means that there will be no concerns about replacing any parts or having the entire AC replaced because of an untimely fix.

When a routine check is conducted as it should, it is possible to tell when an imminent issue is about to happen. When an AC functions as it should, then it can function longer and better.

In case of breakdowns, the AC is also likely to be fixed faster if the underlying problem was known or predicted because no time will be wasted on the diagnosis. Remember that it is always easy to fix a small leak than waiting to replace the entire AC, which will cost a lot more than a simple repair.


A well-serviced air conditioner will run effectively. What this means is that you get to enjoy the services of a fully-functioning AC without having to worry about it breaking down or working unexpectedly. When the AC is at its best working condition, then you do not have to worry about it shutting down or failing to work as it should. However, different ACs have varied requirements.

You may want to know whether your specific AC requires mandatory checks or if you can ignore the service requirement and put it off for another day. There are specific signs that will tell that it is time to have the AC examined again. These include:

Having Strange Noises

Whenever the AC emits strange noises, then it is time to have it checked. Usually, these sounds are an indication that something is amiss. Ordinarily, the AC emits some sounds that users ought to be familiar with.

These sounds are indicators that the motor, fan, and the entire system are working well. However, when the sounds change to bizarre ones, then it is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

It is possible to hear a buzzing sound when there is some kind of obstruction hindering the free flow of air. On the other hand, raspy or humming sounds may mean that the fan blades are not moving as fast as possible. In any case, these or more strange sounds are heard, it is advisable to call an HVCA expert to diagnose and get the AC back to its healthy state.

A rise in Utility Bills

Whenever the utility bills hike all of a sudden without any other appliance being introduced, then there is a high likelihood that the AC is the culprit. In most cases, the AC uses up more energy than it should hence the hiked utility bills.

This results from lack of maintenance; hence a build-up of debris and other hindrances occurs. It could also be caused by old ACs that need to be replaced since they have lost their efficiency. This means that the AC is working extra hard than it should hence consuming more energy, causing an upsurge in the utility bills. Tuning the AC up increases the machine’s efficiency since it ensures that there is no build-up of debris or dirt and keeps the energy consumption low.

AC Fails to Cool Properly

When the AC seems to work in reverse, then it defeats its purpose and definitely shows signs of problems. The AC may need a tune-up if it is blowing in warm air instead of cool air. Whenever the machine fails to function as expected, it is a sign that it requires AC Repair services.

Smell Gone Wrong

Any home with an AC should enjoy fresh air because there is free flow/ circulation of air. In case there is a sudden surge of bad odor, then the AC has failed you. Several issues, including being clogged, can cause this. It could also be an issue of wet filters, condenser drain lines, and build-up of fungus. It is also possible that a decaying trapped animal could be emitting the bad smell every time the AC’s fan rotates.

Weak Airflow

The AC is depended upon by many people to keep their homes fresh and at certain temperature levels. When there is a problem with the airflow, this is interfered with, not to mention the hike in utility bills. Regardless of the season, several things can trigger airflow issues, including leaking ducts and clogged filters.

A regular check can help keep things under control and prevent the need for expensive repairs. After all, weak airflows have the potential of disrupting the lives of individuals with allergies and also cause respiratory issues.

In case users get to notice that their AC’s are not performing the work they were intended for, then they should consider having the units checked even if the regular annual check was done. High humidity levels, warmer airs, bad smells, and strange sounds indicate a failing air conditioning units.

Immediate inspections can help get things back in order and prevent costly future repairs. Any AC owner must schedule the annual checks in addition to observing the AC’s behavior.

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