Water Saving Tips For Your Home

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There are many reasons to think about water saving tips for your home, including reducing your water bill and protecting your home against unnecessary damage caused by water.  No one wants to think that they are wasting money simply by not being vigilant around the house, so spend some time next weekend looking at potential problems, or contact a plumber for advice about water saving.

Dripping Or Leaky Taps And Pipes

Dripping taps and pipes are the bane of most professional plumbers, mostly because they are such a common issues, especially in older houses.  Amazingly, it’s been found that one small dripping tap can cost you hundreds of dollars extra on your water bill every year.

Monitor your home for dripping or leaky taps regularly, and don’t forget the outdoor taps in the garden as these can often be overlooked.  Especially in wetter or humid areas such as the laundry, pipes can become rusted over time and start to leak.  If you do notice a tap or a pipe that is starting to leak, contact your plumber as soon as possible.

water saving tips for your home

Install Water Efficient Appliances and Fixtures

Did you know that the old fashioned one button flush toilet can use as much as 12 litres per flush?  Its hardly surprising that the Government has been trying to convince people for decades to switch to a dual flush toilet, which has been estimated to only use around 3 litres of water per flush.  Nowadays toilets come with a star rating – called the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme – to show how efficient it is, and most professionals suggest that you aim for a toilet with at least a 3 star rating.

Water efficiency also extends to washing machines with their rating systems.  Consumer group Choice also rates appliances such as washing machines, and gives them a score based on water usage.  They suggest that, no matter the type of washing machine you own, you can minimise water use by the following:

  • Choosing a front loading washing machine, rather than a top loading one when you’re replacing your old appliance. This is because front loaders use less water on average than top loading ones; and
  • Using the automatic sensor reading settings that determine water level on your washing machine.

Finally, we all want long, luxurious showers, however the amount of water these can waste can be staggering.  Choosing a water saving shower head that will restrict the amount of water flow can go some way to helping you be water efficient.  Contact Sydney plumbers Ready Set Plumb if you are thinking of changing shower heads or replacing your older shower head with a newer WELS star rated head.  They will be able to recommend one that is right for your shower and will be able to install it quickly and professionally.

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Don’t assume that a dripping tap or old fashioned toilet isn’t costing you money.  They are, and the best time to fix these issues is either when you’ve just moved in to your home or are in a position to be able to have the whole house assessed by your local plumber for water efficiency.   This way they will be able to pick up any problems you might miss, or be able to detect issues that could arise in the future.


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