5 Ways to Reduce Air Conditioning and Heating Costs

Last Updated on February 24, 2022 by Kravelv

You love it.  You hear your air conditioner kick on and that cool, cool air come out.  Likewise, on a cold winter day and you hear the furnace come to life. Then, you think about last month’s utility bill and you’re not as happy!

Up to 43% of your energy bill comes from heating and cooling.  Here are 5 simple tips that will take a bit out of that bill and save you money while you stay comfortable.

  1. Plant! The sun shines down and it heats your walls, your windows – your home. Cut out some of the sun and cut down your utility bill.  Trees are great.  They offer you the best value.  Get big ones.  They’re worth the cost of buying and planting.  Shading your A/C unit can boost it’s efficiency up to 10%. Make sure the trees you plant are deciduous, and if you are unsure what those are, it is easy to find the answer to the question… what are deciduous trees?  You’ll have shade in the summer.  When the leaves fall, the sun can warm you in the winter.
  1. Use Fans And Space Heaters. You don’t need anything fancy – a plain old box fan will keep air circulating and keep you cooler.   Position your fans well.  Close the windows by the fan and open the windows far from the fan to increase circulation.  In a two-story home, put fans upstairs and open windows downstairs.  Moving air cools you through evaporation and keeps you comfortable so you might not have to lower the thermostat.  When it gets cold, think about where you’ll be.  If the whole family is home and moving around, you need your furnace to keep the whole house warm.  But, if you’ve settled down to work in your home office while the kids are at school, you can lower the thermostat so the heater doesn’t have to work so hard and use a space heater to keep you comfortable at your desk.


  1. Cover Up! Not you – your windows.  You can use solar screens that will block up to 70% of the solar energy before it gets into the house.  Or, you can use traditional window coverings.  A window covering is going to work to keep sun and heat out in the summer and keep warm, heated air in during the winter.  Energy Star windows will also help reduce your bills year round!
  1. Turn It Up, Down And Off! Your best bet is a programmable thermostat that you can set around your family’s schedule.  But, simply turning down the thermostat when you don’t need air conditioning because you are away or asleep can save you from 5% to 15% on your energy bill.  It will work for your heater, too!  And, remember, cooling and heating appliances can only heat so fast.  Turning up the temperature in the winter or lowering it in summer to try to “hurry up” getting hotter or cooler just doesn’t work and if you forget to reset it, it’s money out of your pocket.
  1. Keep In Running Right. Change your filters so air moves freely.  Have your air conditioner and heater serviced by a registered air conditioning company or heating company once a year.  When they are kept in good condition, they are more efficient.  Talk to your HVAC contractor and see if you’ve reached a tipping point where replacing an older air conditioner that needs constant service with a new Energy Star model can save you money!

Everyone wants to be comfortable and everyone wants to keep energy bills in check.  Think of your registered Air Conditioning Contractor Phoenix or HVAC Company as your partner.  Make sure your air conditioner and heater are serviced so they operate safely and efficiently.  Make your home as air tight as possible, sealing leaks that let your conditioned air out and the heat or cold of the outdoors in.  Stay comfortable and stay energy wise!

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