Easy Way To Install Window Type Air-conditioners

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Kravelv

With a wide range of options available these days in the air-conditioners, it is easy to choose one suiting your requirements and budget. You can also choose from the different designs and styles to complement the décor of your house. It is advisable not to rule out any options until you are sure of the specifications required. You can look for the window air conditioner which is not so popular these days as compared to the split system air conditioners but has its own advantages which makes it worthwhile.

Window air conditioners

Window air conditioner work out as one of the cheapest options available and are ideal if you are running on a tight budget. The cooling of the room or area is done with the requirement of space in the walls on the outside as well as the inside. These work well for all types of spaces, be it the study room, the hall or even your bedroom. Generally, these are not much preferred due to the hole which hafors to be made in the wall and which hampers the aesthetic appeal of the area but, they have their advantage also which is that these can be removed and stored somewhere once the harsh summers are over and the place can be made use of for other purposes.


Step by Step Installation of the Window Air Conditioner

  1. Before you opt for a specific window air conditioner you need to note the correct size of the room so that you can avail of the maximum cooling capacity. You can think of using an air-conditioner calculator for this. If your room opens to another area, then make sure to include this area also in your calculations. You can add or subtract the BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating deciding which area requires maximum cooling, like, a kitchen will definitely require more than a bedroom which is away from sunlight.
  2. Energy efficiency needs to be taken into account before you settle for a specific type of window air conditioner. The energy efficiency rating or the EER is rated from 8 to 10 and according to research a rating of 10 is ideal for saving on electricity bills.
  3. Installation of the window air conditioners can be done on your own but is best done with the help of a professional. A little bit of distraction or mishandling can lead the unit to slip out of your hands and get damaged. For the installation of these units, you might have to assemble the window extensions of the unit. It’s best to find units which have brackets. Check out the manual for each step as different designs of these units might have some variations. After raising the lower pane, you need to slide out the extension of the unit, filling up the space, after which, following the instructions of the manufacturer, the unit needs to be leveled. Either you will need to lower the window-panes to lock the unit in place or you will be required to fasten this unit to the brackets. After securing the extensions to the window jamb, sealing the unit, check weather stripping is required on the outside. This is provided by the manufacturer.
  1. You need to plug this in after taking into consideration if the circuit is plugged in with other appliances. If it is, you will need another power point plug as air conditioners tend to use a lot of power. The package of the cord will specify that whether it is for the air conditioner or not. Maintain your air conditioner in good working condition by cleaning the filters at least twice a year.

The above process is specifically for the installation of window air conditioners and that too, if you wish to do the same on your own without the help of professionals who are experienced and have a thorough knowledge of the installation process.

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