What are the multiple benefits of using ducted air conditioning for your home and office?

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A ducted air conditioning system consists of an internal unit installed inside the roof space of the house. A sequence of the ducts from the air conditioning unit runs to each room in the house, allowing the owner to cool or heat each room using individual controls. It is a decent choice if you want to air condition more than one room.

Through a range of components like coils, compressors, fans, vents etc., ducted air conditioners function like a large refrigerator.

What are the benefits of installing a ducted air conditioning?

  • Noise free: A ducted air conditioner does not make any noise while cooling because of the fact that, all the loud machinery is placed outside in the ceiling or under the floor. This system blocks the external noise, and it does not create any sound all by itself, so children and patients can easily enjoy a sound sleep when you have installed good quality ducted air conditioning in your rooms.

ducted air conditioning

  • Convenient: The system offers good amount of convenience and efficiency. Just by pressing a button the temperature of each and every area of the house can be controlled. The ducted air conditioning system can easily be installed, and you can even move them from one place to another, when you relocate to another destination

This system offers fresh and clean air, and you do not have to pay heavy electric bills:

The filters in a ducted air conditioning system pulls out all the dirt particles from the air while running thus resulting in a clean and fresh air. This feature is best for the individuals who are prone to allergies as it removes the dust and other irritating pollutants from the air. They also increase the resale value of your house. Thus, installing a ducted air conditioning system is the best long term investment. Moreover, they enhance the aesthetic value of your house, and the inmates can enjoy the coolest atmosphere inside the rooms, as the ducted air conditioning dehumidifies and purifies the air, by removing excess moisture.

Installing ducted air conditioning

  • Air duct selection: Variety of ducts is available in the market viz sheet metal ducts, spiral ducts, insulated ducts and many more. Sheet metal ducts are cheaper and used in commercial applications. They are noisier and are more prone to condensation and leakage. Spiral ducts can be easily bent to different angles. The most effective and common duct system is insulated ducting which is made of fiberglass.
  • Determine design and quantity: It is very helpful to have a sketch or design of the duct work because of the following factors to be considered: number of rooms for air supply, distance to each room and how the air will travel.

ducted air-conditioning

How to carry on the duct installation process?

The Initial section of the duct is constructed and attached to the air handler. The other side of the duct is supported by a box and an opening is cut to have a space for the diffuser on the air handler. Edges are covered with foil tape. One end of the hanger is nailed to a rafter, wrapping the other end of the duct, pulling it up and nailing it as per the requirement. Remaining sections of the duct board are connected with collars. Once the main ducting is complete, flex duct is run to each room’s supply vent. Flex duct is then attached to the duct board with a duct connector and a zip tie. The other end of the metal diffuser is attached and is inserted into the ceiling hole.

There are many reputed companies who carry on inspection regarding duct connection and maintenance.

Hope above all benefits will be helpful for buying noise free and convenient air conditioning system for your home or office.

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  1. I like your tip on how a ducted AC system is noise free. I’ve had noisy AC units before so finding something that is silent would be a major plus for me. My wife and I are building a new home, maybe we should consider installing a ducted air conditioning system in it.

  2. This is some really great information for anyone who’s looking into having a ducted AC system installed. I had never really thought about noise as a factor, but it makes a lot of sense that it’s an important one. My current swamp cooler is very loud, and whenever it kicks on we have to crank the TV up all the way just to be able to hear it. Thanks so much for writing!

  3. My contractor mentioned installing a ducted air conditioning unit for my new house. I like how one of the benefits is that it is noise free. I think this would be really nice because the one I have in my current house is really loud and wakes up the baby when the air turns on. I will definitely look more into getting a ducted air conditioning unit. Thanks for the information!

  4. I really like the fact that ducted air conditioning systems are noise free. When I get home from work, I would like to be able to unwind as quickly as possible, and a silent AC system would definitely help. Plus, like you said, it would probably help me sleep better through the night.

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