When To Be Trendy Versus Traditional, Don’t Age Your Home By Remodeling It

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

If you had children and named them something unusual, the chances are that by the time they reached the first grade, there was nothing unusual about their name. In fact, it appears that the only names that are outside the norm anymore are those that our grandparents used. Everything old seems new again, and those things that we try to do to make us unique, almost always end up trendy.

If you are setting out to remodel your home, it is important to know when to try to be trendy and when doing so may age your home in just one short decade. If you use things that are too hot, they will be a telltale sign of the age of the home, and be out almost before they came in.

traditional home design

Traditional decor is named so because it stands the test of time. When you decorate traditionally, you don’t run the risk of aging your home. The problem? Well, it just isn’t as fantastical as doing something cool or outside the box. There is an excellent balance between being original and doing something unique and being trendy. Knowing the difference will keep your home looking fresh throughout the decades, instead of just for a decade. If you want to ensure the spectacular, without the “over the top,” follow these rules.

Anything goes with paint

Paint colors are something that adds personality to your living space. There are trendy colors that come and go, but the best part about that is all it takes is a coat or two to undo them. If you want to use colors that are chic, bold and in style, go ahead. The cost of redoing what you have done is minimal. Chances are, especially if you have children, that you are going to have to paint every decade anyway. By the time you will want to stare at a different color, the walls will be so dirty, they will be begging to be repainted. When it comes to painting something, the sky’s the limit, you can’t ever age your house irreparably.


Bathroom tile can be very tricky. There are definitely styles that come and go. When you walk into a home that was remodeled in the forties, you know. Pink and greens were all the rage. If you are going to tile something, it is going to be lasting, so you better make sure that it isn’t too trendy. Tile is not inexpensive, and ripping it out is not easy. Before you decide that the bright pink arabesque tile with dark blue makes a statement, make sure you understand what that statement is, and that it is going to stick with you for a very long time.

bathroom tiles

Before you choose, live with it for a while. Don’t make rash decisions or go with something to stand out. Unless you want to put out the expense to redo it in a couple of years when it becomes too much, stick to the basics and classic tiles that are easy to clean and look crisp. Use paint color and other decor to dress it up. Some accessories can make a bigger splash than the tile itself.


Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. You may love the way that carpet looks, but you have to think about how it will wear, especially if you are hard on your flooring. Being in style has to be tempered with what is realistic and lasting. If you make decisions based solely on your emotions, it is usually more costly. Find materials that are new and inventive, but also are practical. If you put down materials that are trendy but not good for the surroundings, you are going to age your home very quickly through the show of wear or tear.

Kitchen materials

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and they are where equity resides. Go ahead and call you local countertops company. If you are going to redo your kitchen, make decisions for trend on things like knobs, faucets, and pulls and go more traditional with materials for countertops, sinks, and backsplashes. Hardware and faucets can be changed quickly and inexpensively when you need an upgrade. Redoing a marble countertop or a granite one, is an expense that you don’t want to have to repeat in a decade. Base your decisions for trend versus traditional on price and the ease of change.
kitchen countertop

When you are remodeling, it is an exciting time. Being able to choose your own style, and use creative decor is fun, but make sure you are fiscally smart too. Choose traditional for those things that are expensive and not easy to replace, and go wild with those accents that can be exchanged quickly.

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