How to Get the Most out of Your Home Surveillance System

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

It is a universal law that expensive and shiny things draw unwanted attention. This rule especially applies if you are living a rich life, and your house stands out among all the others in your neighborhood. You just came back home in your new car, and from the trunk you pull out all these new kitchen appliances while the TV company delivers and mounts your new TV. It is only a matter of time before someone comes and tries to steal your things.

To be honest, you are probably already marked as a potential gold mine. If you want to avoid being a victim of one such attack, you’d be best advised to install surveillance systems to protect your belongings from unwanted intruders. Since not all surveillance systems are the same, choosing the right one might be an issue. Here are some of the things which you should consider before choosing a surveillance system for your home.


Things to be initially considered

Since home security business is on the rise, the demand on the market grew from “semi-popular” to “necessary”. As you start, think about how many cameras you would need and also where would you install them. Factors such as the size of your estate and the quality of recordings will affect the cost of the surveillance system. It is always advised to get as many cameras as you need to cover your entire estate, every aspect and every corner of it. Investing money now will save you a lot more money later.

Types of security cameras

There are literally hundreds of different surveillance cameras. Based on your needs, you can choose between 2 main types: the ones that are small and unnoticeable and the ones that are clearly stating that you do not want people roaming around your estate. Also, make sure your cameras have night vision mode for most “unfortunate events” take place during the night. When it comes to selecting the right device, hardly anything can beat a waterproof brinno camera, as it is specially created to withstand all weather conditions. It is a high quality, all-purpose device that each secured household should have. Once you have chosen the amount you need and the type you want, all that is left is to properly place them.


Positions of the cameras

Positioning the surveillance system is the most important part; no matter how many cameras you might have, if they are not properly placed to cover all the angles of you estate, you might as well be just throwing money away. From the main gate to the house entrance, cameras should be placed accordingly so that the entire pathway is supervised. Remember to place a few cameras inside the garage and driveway as well. Setting them on the roof could also be beneficial, for they can supervise your surroundings and see if anything suspicious is going on. Once all are in place, test them to see if every aspect of your estate is secured, and you will once again sleep peacefully.

Trust the technology to work for you

Having guards is one thing, but having one person monitoring your cameras is way more practical and it will save you all the additional funds you would have to pay for their salaries. That is why cameras are better long term investment and have proven to be more efficient. Make sure your cameras can be remotely monitored and accessed from your private computer so that you can see what is going on at all times. Make sure you consult with the surveillance expert before you install anything and demand only the best for your money.


Once your home surveillance is ready, rest assured that your home will be safe and protected from all that “unwanted attention”. Even if in case of burglary, the alarm system will alert the authorities and you will have everything on camera, enough evidence to convict the burglar. Overall, there is no better way to protect your estate than by installing a proper surveillance system.

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