Tips to Keep Your Home Office Clean and Organized

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Having a home office is awesome! It’s that one room in the house that you can truly call your own and work efficiently and in peace! In fact, the amount of privacy you have in your home office allows you to take a quick power nap knowing that the chances of anyone coming in and disturbing you are few! Now that we’ve talked about some of the perks of having a home office, let’s discuss what working in this ‘sanctuary’ of your home is like when it hasn’t been cleaned.

No matter how hard you try, working productively in a dirty, disorganized office is near impossible! There’s always something filthy, out of place or lost that will distract you and waste your time. What’s worse, spending long hours cooped up in a home office that is rarely cleaned can be very unsanitary.

The truth is that it’s pretty easy to clean and maintain your office if you just make a little bit of an effort to follow these cleaning and organization tips. Read on!

Make Your Office a Clutter-Free Environment

Everyone wishes to make their office as airy and spacious as possible. Well, with things cluttering up the room, it instantly appears to be half as small as it actually is. Furthermore, a cluttered office is harder to clean and stressful to work in. Now, to de-clutter your home office, start by removing things that don’t belong in the room.

Dispose of rubbish in the form of useless newsletters, unwanted papers dried up pens, etc. Similarly, avoid storing in excess or keeping too many duplicate items. By this, we mean keeping a minimum amount of blank papers, paperclips, pens, pencils, etc. By stuffing your home office with more items than you can use in the next 6 months or longer, you end up cluttering it for no apparent reason. You can also ask help from cleaning Service Company like Simply Maid in Melbourne to deal the whole task professionally.

Get Organized with Box Files and Folders

While you probably already have box files and folders to organize your papers, chances are that you may have one too many of them! We often file papers which, at the time, are needed, but later on have no importance and may even be disposed of. Hence, we suggest going through each folder/box file and getting rid of unwanted papers once and for all. By the end of it, you’ll probably have some spares to put away for future use!

Empty Out Your Trash Can Regularly

During the course of the day, your trash can fills up with crushed papers, junk mail, food packaging (after sneaking in a candy bar after lunch), and other garbage. SAHM Elizabeth from talks about the trash can. She says, “By leaving the trash can full, not only are you creating an unsanitary environment, but it also discourages you from throwing away unwanted items because the bin is practically overflowing”! Hence, we advise emptying out the trash before it gets too full. It’s also a good idea to keep your bin nearby so that you don’t collect rubbish on your desk to throw away later.

Use Self-Discipline to Maintain Order

The same way you’re strict about anyone else coming into your office and disrupting order or creating a mess, discipline yourself to keep it organized. As you go about your work, things will be moved out of place and papers will be spread all over your desk which shouldn’t be left as is after you call it a day. As simple as it sounds, putting things back in place is really all it takes to maintain order in your home office. You can do this as and when you finish tasks or at the end of the day.

Clean Daily or on Alternate Days

If you have the time and energy to clean your office daily, it’s definitely advised. Alternatively, you can do one cleaning task per day; for example, dust the furniture on one day, vacuum the next day and wash the windows the day after that. If you’re cleaning on alternate days, it’s advisable to dust and vacuum on the same day (and mop if you have tiled floors). We recommend to use a vacuum cleaner to do cleaning task and you can read reviews and choose them online like Only Canister Vacuum. Assuming that your home office isn’t as big as other rooms in your home, it should take you less than 10 minutes to clean it thoroughly.

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  1. If your office also has an area that’s designated for customers, I can’t stress how important it is to keep it as clean as possible. The seating area should be dust and stain free. You can easily do this with a duster and a couple of clean rags.

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