10 Easy Ways on How To Keep Your Home Clean

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You have finally moved into your new dream home with the help of NYC movers. Now what? How can you keep this small paradise of your own perfect? This may seem a challenging task. We usually spend the whole Saturday or Sunday making our home spotless. But is there a way to do it faster? Turns out, we can decrease the amount of dirt in our home by following simple dos and don’ts. Have a look at our tips on how to keep your home clean.
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Tip 1

Start with small tasks like cleaning the countertops and putting your clothes away instead of throwing them on a chair. Actually, the latter seems the most difficult one. You should also make your bed every single morning. Do you know that this will make your day more productive?

Tip 2

Unload the dishwasher before sitting to table. This will allow you to load it right after you finish the meal. Thus, there will be no dishes piled up in the sink. No dishwasher? Do your dishes after every meal. It’s much easier to deal with a few, than washing the entire pile after dinner, when all you can think about is going to bed.

Tip 3

Don’t walk in your shoes through the apartment or house, leave them at the door. Simple as that, you’ll leave lots of dirt outside your rooms.

Tip 4

Let go of things you don’t need. Declutter your home to the maximum extent. How much food do you regularly throw away from your fridge? Are there things you haven’t used for months or even years? We’re sure there is lots of stuff to give away or sell. This will save you lots of space and money, as you won’t have to pay movers for dealing with belongings you don’t even need.

Tip 5

Enjoy the process of making your home clean. Turn on your favorite track and sing, dance or at least hum with it. Doing so, you won’t feel that cleaning is such a burden.

Tip 6

Strange as it may seem, your kids can not only cause a mess, but also help you deal with it. Provide some motivation, and you’ll see how much they can do. Cleaning is not a responsibility of one person in the family. Everyone should help you out with it. Have something like some “10 minutes of cleaning”, during which all of you would go throw the place and pick up and sort things that are out of place.

Tip 7

Clean all the surfaces right after using them. This is especially important for your kitchen. Wipe the countertop or floor right after something has been spilled on it. The more you do now, the less will be left when you’re finished with the process of cooking.

Tip 8

Try to find time to dust and wipe your place twice a week. This will save you from spending too much time on this at the weekend.

Tip 9

Take your shoes and coats away, especially those you aren’t going to wear in the nearest future. Piles of shoes will often look like a mess.

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Tip 10

Put things away right after using them. This one is huge! How often do we leave things on countertops, bedside tables, and so on and so forth? Find a minute to put things where they belong, and you’ll see how clean your home will look even by using this simple tip.

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