10 Ways to rethink your underused rooms in your home

Last Updated on February 25, 2022 by Kravelv

While I was hunting for rental apartments and flats in Delhi, I explored several houses and apartment in the city and the adjacent areas. There was one aspect I found similar to almost all the housing properties. Majority of the house owners were boasting of their big apartment spaces but they failed to utilize the underused rooms in the house.

Make use of the unutilized spaces

There are many houses that have dining halls and spared rooms without much function all through the year except when there are guests rolling in once a year. These unutilized spaces can be made to use if you come up with innovative ideas and propositions and rethink the ways bring the underused rooms in the houses to use.

What are the 10 ways to make use of the underused rooms?

  1. Make use of the area under the stairways

The area below the staircases is often an unutilized space that can be brought to function. It can be customized as a storage space for stuffing all the household items that are of no use at the present moment.  There are many who deck the area and use it as a private book library store or DVD wall shelf.

Make use of the area under the stairways

  1. Turn a large area into living, dining and study area

Having a large room in the house is an advantage as it can be utilized for multiple purposes like dining, living and study rooms. There are few houses on rent in Delhi available that ensure to utilize the unused spaces in the house.

  1. Turn your basement into an office

Basement is often an unutilized space of the house that can be easily turned into an office especially when you run your business from home or prefer working from home.

  1. Modifying the living room into a library

If you have a living room that is not utilized so much, you have the option of turning it into a library space with wide varieties of books organized in shelves and cabinets.

Modifying the living room into a library

  1. Turning the tiny bedroom into a closet or a washroom

When you have a very small bedroom that is hardly of any use, it is best to modify into a closet or a washroom and make it to some use.

  1. Expand the garage area

Garage area can be utilized properly if it is designed correctly with shelves and cabinets to store the additional stuffs and extra things of the households.

  1. Use attic as a storage space

Attic is one of the underused rooms of the house that can be utilized as a storage space.

  1. Use multi-purpose furnishing

Use of convertibles and folding furnishing products are popular these days especially when there is not much space in the apartments.

Use multi-purpose furnishing

  1. Use every inch of the house

Whether it is your bedroom, living or dining halls, ensure to utilize even the spaces above and below the doors and windows with cabinets and shelves.

  1. Utilize the corners of the rooms

With shelves and cabinets designed for the corners you must ensure to utilize the wasted space.


While planning to render your houses or apartments for rent in Delhi make sure to rethink about the underutilized areas and bring it to function.

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