How to Maintain Cleanliness at Home in 5 Simple steps?

Last Updated on April 18, 2022 by Kravelv

There is little doubt that COVID-19 has impressed upon people around the world the need to pay attention to personal hygiene.

It has led to a shortage of hand sanitizer, which is why you may prefer to order it online. But, it has also led to a heightening of attention to detail, especially when it comes to maintaining cleanliness at home. Never has this been so important as it is today.

The good news is that you only need to take 5 simple steps every day to maintain your cleanliness.

1. Clear Up After Eating

Preparing food invites the possibility of food contamination. That’s why it’s essential you separate your food equipment and storage to ensure uncooked food never comes into contact with cooked food.

But, there is another risk, it comes from flies and other kitchen pests. They are attracted to your kitchen, especially when you prepare food. If you don’t clear up straight after you’ve used things the flies will arrive and will walk across the surfaces and any food left out.

They’ll leave their feces behind and potentially an array of diseases.

Put food away as soon as you’ve finished prepping and wash everything, including the countertops after you’ve eaten.

2. Vacuum Daily

Wiping down all the surfaces will help to keep them clean and avoid attracting pests. However, many of the crumbs will end up on the floor. To avoid them giving you a cleanliness issue it’s a good idea to vacuum the floor daily.

This will pick up the crumbs that you can’t see. If you go through the house with the vacuum you’re also likely to pick up other pests and eggs. For example, fleas love to leave their eggs in a thick pile rug.

3. Empty Your Bin

Flies and other pests aren’t just attracted to food, they’ll also happily eat waste products That means your bin is highly attractive to them.

You’ll need to ensure your bin has a lid that seals shut and that you empty the bin regularly. This will stop it from being a pest attraction or a breeding ground for bacteria.

Just remember to have a sealed bin outside as well.

4. Ditch The Clutter

Clutter is your worst enemy. It piles up giving pests a place to hide and encouraging the accumulation of dirt as there will be areas that you simply can’t clean.

You’ll also note that it is a trip hazard. But, most importantly,  its never going to be clean and will encourage more dirt. You need to eliminate the clutter as soon as possible.

5. Tidy Your Yard

Your home is more than just the inside of your property. You also need to be thinking about cleaning the outside. De-cluttering your yard, keeping bins tidy, moving log piles away from the home, and general tidying will reduce the level of pests in your yard, subsequently improving cleanliness in your home.

An initial deep clean may take time. But, once you’ve done that the maintenance can be completed in a very short space of time.

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