Points to Consider when planning for Big Farm Shed

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Kravelv

For any huge farm, the machinery required will also be huge. Huge machines mean more space and a big investment. Thus, making big farm sheds for storing such big machinery is much important. In addition, taking proper care of the machinery will ensure smooth work for farmers, will reduce the machine downtime and thus will reduce the repairing or wear and tear costs.

There are a few successful ways to project such farm equipment using big farm sheds and much more-

#1. Storing the machinery inside the shed will allow getting best reseller value and minimizing the repairing cost

The University of Georgia has done their survey and found that the farmers who were storing their machinery inside the shed were sold at the higher rate. Keeping the machine safely inside the big farm shed the overall costing such as maintenance, repair, and downtime will reduce efficiency. The downtime of the equipment doubles when kept outside, as compared to the working time of the types of equipment, which are kept inside.

#2. Plan a multipurpose building

If you have enough space, why are you satisfied with only single use? You can integrate flexible frames in the design with unlimited length and clear measure interior. The designs can try to cover the area for cold storage, insulated workshop, bathrooms, offices, and much more.

Consider the following parameters when planning for big farm shed

#1. Strengthen the base of any building with post frame

There are two posts, which are available in the market, one is made up of traditional wood and another one is of concrete. When studying over the traditional posts of wood, ensure that they can withstand up to the elements. Post which is laminated should be constructed using 2 spruce of better quality wood, joined together with glue, plates and nailed of size 4″.

#2. Type and placement of the door

Think and plan carefully that which type of door you require and how would be the placement done through the building to ensure best work process without any hassle.

Think about how the doors will be used, different kinds of doors required, and a logical flow of traffic to flow, which can directly access the door.

Thinking about the insulation of the building currently or in future. For cold storage, the economical and popular are the sliding doors, which are suitable for machine storage. If you have the equipment, which has a good height or will be insulated, get a bi-folded door or overhead for clearance at extreme height.

Today, the types of equipment of farming are becoming larger. Thus, check for the larger opening of the door.

Try to use as much natural light as possible

When the building is not insulated, the cost of energy automatically decreases due to clear sunlight in the building. Another option to get light is by using smoke wall light this will cut down on brightness.

Select the best suitable location

Analyze the details of the site where you are planning to build. Is the ground at the site level, sloped, or rolling? From where does the wind enter the yard? Design the plan such a way that it can have enough space for driveways, yards, walkways, and much more.

Select the area where the water drainage can be done from all the four corners of the building.

The different types of big farm sheds are:

  1. Rural Sheds
  2. Machinery Sheds
  3. Open Front farm sheds
  4. Open Gable End sheds
  5. Skillion Roof Sheds
  6. Workshop Sheds
  7. Hay sheds
  8. Barns
  9. Dairy sheds
  10. Storage Sheds
  11. Shearing sheds