What to Look For in a Custom Window Contractor

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Product quality, materials and design are not the only variables to consider when you’re shopping for windows. You also need to find a window contractor that can execute professional workmanship that is worth your investment. Let me share with what to look for to make your window replacement project more fulfilling.

The Importance of Knowledge & Experience

Knowledge and experience are key factors that should determine your choice of contractor. Without proper installation, even the finest custom windows will not perform well. If you’re going to hire a contractor who does not specialize in window installation, you might as well purchase stock and ready-made window products.

To evaluate the contractor’s experience, you can ask for referrals that will showcase their past projects. You can also search online for customer reviews and testimonials. A quick look at the contractor’s website can help you find details such as years of experience and relevant training and certifications.

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Other Factors to Consider

While a contractor’s knowledge and experience are the first priority, here are other things that you must also check for.

  • Communication. Compatibility between a contractor and client is important for effective communication. You should feel comfortable expressing your ideas and asking any questions you may have.
  • Response. Take note of how quickly a contractor responds to your inquiries and concerns and if they have an efficient communication system in place. Take note of how courteous and helpful the staff is as well.
  • Insurance. Know if the contractor you are dealing with is insured. This will ensure your financial safety as well as that of your belongings and property.

Suppliers. If a contractor deals with equally reputable suppliers and manufacturers, it will say a lot about how he conducts his business.

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New custom windows can increase your home’s beauty and resale value, making it an important home improvement project. I hope this guide helps you find the custom window contractor that deserves your trust and business!



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