Best Way to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

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Engineered hardwood floor is a replica of hardwood floor, made of different layers instead of one piece of solid wood, where the top and bottom layers are only wood and rest, other matters. These other materials are layered in five to seven sections and finally sandwiched with two solid pieces of wood, one at the top and the other at the bottom. So, there is wood in an engineered hardwood floor, but most of it is not.

Better Option Than Hardwood

If you ask us, we will say it depends on many factors. The hardwood floors have limitations. It requires special care and consumes a whole lot of time in maintaining, and you will always need to use it cautiously. Then, of course, the price. It always stings more when you are not adequately taking care of a pricey product. Yes, the beauty and elegance compensate for all the hard work and attention it needs, but sometimes it’s not worth all those hassles. So, people search for replicas that look like hardwood but are not. Copies that are ready for rough use, affordable, too, within one’s limit. And that is what engineered hardwood floors are. They are inexpensive, look as elegant and beautiful as hardwood floors, are better in water resistance, and you can coarsely use it without fearing ruining an expensive product. Moreover, an engineered hardwood floor is way easier to clean.

Dusting – Best Way to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

So, that brings us to our main topic. Here’s the thing, an engineered hardwood floor will show dirt and debris way more than a hardwood floor will do. And that necessitates saying it loud and clear that the best way to clean engineered hardwood floors is always to do the dusting. None can give you any better alternative to dusting to keep the hardwood floor clean

Brooming, Vacuuming, Dry Sweeping – Twice A Day

You can call the process with different names, you can use various tools, but it will always remain the best way to clean the engineered hardwood floors. Even if you use a broom and a dustpan to dust the dirt and debris every morning and evening and when the guests leave your apartment, be sure your engineered hardwood floor is well sorted. Dust particles are the biggest culprit that silently scratches and ruins the surface. They are very sharp and best in skipping your eyes. Check your glass table and the amount of dirt it gathered just 10 minutes after you have cleaned it. That will give you the idea of how quickly your entire flooring is gathering this silent destroyer.

Wet Mopping

Engineered hardwood floors are good at water resistance compared to hardwood floors. But singly, it remains wary about moisture. The issue is wet mopping is the best way to disinfect and bring out the original form of flooring. It is not entirely avoidable. So, here is the safer option, do the dusting daily. We won’t force you and make it tedious for you by saying to do it twice. Anyhow, daily dusting, and wet mop your floor twice a week and once a month. Twice a week in the heavy traffic areas, like hall, kitchen, master bedroom and once a month in less used areas like guest rooms, unused bedrooms. Your mop must be damp, wrung well, and after you are done mopping, dry the floor with a dry towel, cloth, or pad.

Hardwood Cleaning Machine or Solution

Even if you take meticulous care of the flooring, it is bound to get dull. That is when you need to opt for a deep clean. You can use a hardwood floor cleaner machine or a hardwood cleaning solution for that as these are very mild but work to deep clean the house flooring. Deep cleaning is not necessary more than once a year. Continue dusting twice a day, mopping once a month, and using useful tips to protect the flooring; the deep clean will require time to call for and is at far cry.

Take Care of the Scratches

Whenever you see scratches on the floor, it’s essential to nip it in the bud. You will need to take care of it immediately. So always keep a scratch fix product at home. Such products come in handy in mellowing down the white scratch marks. Clean the scratched spot, apply the hardwood scratch fix, let it set in for a few hours and then mop and dry the area.

Before you jump to the conclusion that that’s the cleaning process, let’s compile a few tips right below. The cleaning process will be as easy as written above when you strictly follow the easy tips stated below.

Tip to The Rescue #1 – Rugs and Carpets

You need to cover the floor with rugs and carpets. Cleaning rugs and carpets are easier than upkeeping an entire frail to moisture flooring. Also, replacing a carpet is a lot easier than replacing or even restoring flooring.

Tip to The Rescue #2 – Floor Protectors

Always use floor protectors beneath your furniture. You might be wondering what’s the need; you are not moving the furniture. They are standstill. But that standstill furniture, each one of them will directly put pressure on the same surface for years and eventually will dent, damage, dull, and stain the floor.

Tip to The Rescue #3 – Stop Dragging Things

Don’t drag things on your engineered hardwood floors. Want to sit on a chair? Slightly lift it to pull it out from the desk. Place it lightly. Save the ears, save the floor, motto checked. Lift things rather than scratching an entire section of your engineered hardwood floors.

Tip to The Rescue #4 – Dry Slippers Is Mandatory

Wear a pair of clean, dry slippers at home. Use a separate pair of sandals in the bathroom and come out and wear the dry ones. Stop moving around wearing damp shoes. The wet slippers will slowly help the floor to absorb the moisture and will get damaged from within.

Tip to The Rescue #5 – Dirty Footprints and Standstill Water

Keep the dirty shoes outside and blot and dry the standstill water. If you have mistakenly entered with muddy shoes, and you see big footprints, please rectify the mistake at once by cleaning those footprints when they are still wet. The same applies to the water; take immediate action. You will struggle to clean those later for sure and stain and ruin the floor if you do not. Better to skip the struggle and go for the easy way even if you are tired and just came home after a busy, tiring day.

Tip to The Rescue #6 – Spilled Drinks and Food

Just like you need to take care of the footsteps, you need to take care of the spilled drinks and food as well. Actually, if you clean the footprints in five minutes, you must clean the spilled stuff in one. You have to be quicker to be precise. Want a better idea, don’t roam around with food in hand. You have chairs and tables, use those. Practice good habits, and your engineered hardwood floor will thrive.

Prevention is better than the whole struggle of restoration of the engineered hardwood floors. If you try half of the said things and follow half of the tips, your floor’s life shelf will increase. Now, if you somehow manage to do it meticulously, then go figure.

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