Stunning Hardwood Floor Ideas To Make Your Place Majestic

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Looking to remodel your home? There are a lot of ideas and options that you might take into consideration for your floor renovations. You may even contact a flooring contractor to get an idea of different flooring options.

Among the ever-increasing variety of flooring options, one such flooring that takes precedence amongst others in its appeal is the hardwood floor. Bringing the natural element to your place, hardwood floors are the most regarded as the top quality flooring option for interiors.

The market has been filled with substitutes that are present at low costs. However, the appeal of hardwood stays on the top, and so is its cost. Here are some of the trending and affordable hardwood flooring options that will enrich your place with a mesmerizing ambiance:

1. Brown Walnut

If you want to have a sleek natural look for your indoors, try moving away from the regular shades, and give a try to this trending design. This floor design comprises of wood tones similar to that of a walnut. The gravitating appeal of the floor gives a cool impression, which makes it a compelling option.

2. Unstained Oak

Another addition to the wooden textured flooring is unstained oak. Not only does this floor brings you an organic and raw look but it creates a mesmerizing appeal that gives off a natural shine. Moreover, the different layers of the floor create a foundation of different colors that gives off an alluring look, which stained oak is unable to provide. Overall, it’s an amazing choice to be added to larger interiors.

3. Soft Hued Oak

A masterpiece in itself, soft-hued oak flooring is something that brings out a creative combination of style and luxurious materials. One of the compelling features about this floor is that it brings a vibrant essence in the overall room that can be elevated with the help of sleek interior finishing, sculptural décor, and warming furniture that would create a contrast with the floor.

4. Grey Tone

If we move from the traditional wood tones to different shades, we got a number of floor tones that can be taken into consideration for interiors. Grey tone wood flooring is one such tone that has made quite a name in the market. One of the most common uses of grey tone flooring is for the cabinetry area. If you want, you can place this floor in the cabinet section of your home. The essence of the floor is elevated with both stained and unstained tones. Create a different look for your interiors with this tone.

5. Patterned Oak

Another addition to the natural appeal for your residential and commercial appeal is the natural patterned oak floor. As evident from the name, this type of flooring has alternating planks with natural wood patterns that can be installed for home as well as office interiors. Another interesting feature about patterned oak flooring is its variety of options, including pentagon and triangular shapes instead of wooden planks. Magnify the view of your profile with these options.

6. European White Oak

If you want a calm, serene atmosphere in your room, then this flooring option is definitely the thing for you. One of the favorites of many customers, the European white oak floor gives a calm appeal that can set the mood for a nice evening. Since it provides a lighter shade, you can easily use this with white or creamed backgrounds and add wooden furniture or dark shade sofas. If you’re a book lover, you can easily install a hanging chair, and get comfy in the corner.

7. Charcoal

Most of the people are a fan of light shade flooring. However, for some enthusiasts, the dark charcoal floor is the perfect option to choose from. The amazing shade and tone of the charcoal are attained by mixing multiple Minwax stains that create that hue needed for the flooring. In addition, some other compelling and jaw dropping shades, include ebony and dark walnut touch, which can also be considered for the attraction.

8. Dark Painted Hardwood

In similar contrast, the dark painted hardwood floors are another compelling option that one can consider for the interiors. This is one of the ways for creating the dark flooring design of your choice. The easy to do painting can be used for creating a mesmerizing look for your interiors, especially when you have a theme to set. The dark combination is really great to set with a white themed interior, whether it’s for residential or commercial.

9. Graphite

Not to compare here, but graphite hardwood flooring is something that would fulfill your demand for a dark hued floor. Complete graphite flooring would help bring out a dark stain, and white interiors would be a complement to the floor. If you want, you can also opt for dark brown graphite shade that can be used to bring out the appeal you want for your interiors. Choose what you want for your interiors, and create a mesmerizing finish.

10. Fresh Grey

Not all greys can be used for dark tones. You can also choose a lighter shade of grey and bring out a modern look even with the common traditional flooring. Another compelling idea that makes grey a good option for flooring is its refreshing appeal that you can get with hardwood floor refinishing. This would create an alluring appeal worth the investment.

11. White Oak

Who isn’t a fan of a rift cut white oak that is accompanied by refinishing and sleek finesse? One of the most demanded flooring idea is because of the rich appeal that is guaranteed for its installation. The natural tone of the floor is the best choice when you want to choose to floor for an expansive space. Followed by windows in the background, it’s the perfect selection for living room, dining area, kitchen or lounge. If you’re up for it, white marble is the best option when you want to add the flooring in your kitchen.

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