Is Your House Suitable for Concrete Flooring?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

When people usually see decorative concrete flooring, they are stunned by its aesthetically pleasing appearance and how it complements the entire room as well.

However, after a while the appreciation begins to fade and is mostly replaced by skepticism about the feasibility of having decorative concrete installed in the living room, or for that matter any other room inside your house.

Like any other material concrete flooring does have certain drawbacks, but its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. So you must be wondering are decorative floors right for your home? Well here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you decide.

Prone to Cracks

Image Credit: Pixabay

That is the primary objection that most homeowners have, however there are some that love the rustic look, the majority are worried about that the concrete will crack in the future.

If you are worried about cracks though there is a simple and easy solution in the form of micro toppings. They have the ability to hide them under a wide variety of smooth decorative concrete.

Cold and Damp

When compared with the alternatives concrete floors can be termed as a bit cold, however the same applies to ceramic tiles and stone flooring. However, concrete also has the unique ability to store radiated heat. So what that means is that concrete can store the heat coming in from the sunlight or alternatively if you are feeling really cold in the winter you can install radiating heat cable to ensure that you remain toasty warm for the rest of the year.

Concrete floors will only become damp if it is not insulated properly, or if the slab of concrete resides on a poorly drained subgrade. However, that can also be remedied by making use of a vapor barrier.

Loud and Hard

Most people find the clickety clack of shoes on the floor unbearable, and hence have a huge problem whenever someone proceeds to walk tapping their heels on the floor. Concrete is a hard material and hence it won’t cushion your feet. Meaning that you will have to bear with the clickety clack, but on the flipside, it is this durability which makes concrete such a brilliant long term option. If your house has a high traffic area, meaning that a lot of people are walking around the house than concrete is the perfect choice for you as it won’t wear out as easily when compared to other materials.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Compared to other materials such as ceramic, slate and marble decorative concrete is actually quite an affordable alternative. Plus a skilled professional can duplicate the look of most pricier materials. In my case I usually employ the services of Stamped Artistry as they have some of the most skilled professionals around town. In the long run though you save money on concrete cause unlike cheaper alternatives such as carpet and vinyl tiles you won’t need to rip out damaged flooring.


Just like any other thing concrete floors do require maintenance, however concrete flooring does not require a lot of maintenance and hence you can do something as simple as cleaning with a damp mop to ensure that your floor remains slick and span.

Hence if you have the required budget I would actually recommend that you go ahead with concrete flooring, as it has a lot of long term benefits.

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