Simplisafe Review

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SIMPLISAFE is an American company, and it deals with the production and distribution of wireless security systems and can be effectively associated with the basic and pivotal monitoring center. This home security company came into being in the year of 2006. Chad Laurans and Eleanor Laurans are the founders of the Simplisafe.

The headquarters of the company is located in Boston in Massachusetts of the United States of America. The unique feature of this company is that you can set up this sharp and brilliant security system at your residence or office all by yourself and that too, without any hazards or difficulty. The company has a strong customer base, mostly from the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

simplisafe review



The company offers its customers to return the product within the first sixty days if the installation of the system fails to satisfy the customer who can even get a Money Back Guarantee.


The warranty period is for three years, which is quite standard and rationale for any replacements or repairing the system.


There is no contractual agreement for the services in the case of the Simplisafe home security system. Moreover, the company does not penalize its customers for canceling the monthly monitoring service, which makes it stand out in this competitive market.


Customers’ priority and the lowest price are the most lucrative and gleaming factors that appeal to all.


1. Not a very high-end technological product but can solve the purpose of safeguarding your family.

2. The company does not provide a lifelong warranty like the established premium product available in the market.



The company provides the following tools and types of equipment:-

  • Keypad
  • Key Chain or Key Fob Remote
  • Panic Button 
  • Smart Lock
  • 105 DB Siren
  • Simpli Cam
  • Yard Sign
  • Video Door Bell
  • Smoke Detector
  • Motion Detector
  • Entry Sensor
  • Water Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Carbon Mono Oxide Sensor
  • Base Station


Apart from the above, the company provides the most attractive Base Station, which makes it very easy to communicate and administer with all the sensors and the tools. You just need to plug in the base station to set up the system at your dwelling place. There is a bright light placed at the bottom of the base station, which remains on for all the time throughout.


Although the Simpli Cam is not a technologically premium one but getting an inside camera for just at a price of $99 is very impressive. The camera has a heat-based motion sensor, 720 p recording, a field view of 120 degrees along with night vision, and thirty days’ worth of cloud storage.

By spending $169, you can even get Simplisafe Video Doorbell Pro. Besides, if you want to download something or record video, then you have to spend $4.99 per month per camera as per the company’s camera plan.


  • The company provides you with two kinds of monthly plans. They are:-
  • Standard Plan whose monthly cost is $14.99.
  • Interactive Plan whose monthly cost is $24.99, as you can avail of the company’s mobile app along with this plan. This app helps the user to view live video, activity log, get an alert whenever anyone arrives at your residence and check in with the various sensors, which help to know if there is a fire in the attic or if the water pipes have frozen.

You can disarm the app and instead use the key fob remote, but in that case, it requires you to be in close proximity to your residence.


The company provides continuous service and safeguards your family even if you lose the internet connection. Moreover, the base station has a battery backup facility for 24 hours, which is really an amazing factor. Apart from that, if anyone is capable of destroying your wireless keypad, you will be informed then and there with an alarm.

Thus, basically, in order to get the benefit of this system, you do not require relying on wi-fi every time, and it works in a similar way to your mobile.



There are around ten packages which are found on the website of the company. The package cost ranges from $ 230 to $500. You can select any one among the packages as per to your choice of the product. You can make the payment upfront or can go for an easy finance approach through Pay Pal Credit.


The company offers you two options which are:-

  • Self Monitoring, which is totally free.
  • Professional Monitoring will constantly alert you through videos and emails for each and every fraction of second regarding your home security, and for that, you need to pay a very nominal charge of $14.99 per month to $24.99 per month depending upon the choice of package.


For installing the security system at your residence, you would not be facing any adversity and can easily go for doing it yourself process. You can even summon a string of technicians or a professional team for installing the system, which is entirely discretional. 

For this, you need to seek a prior appointment and, after that, can accomplish the installation set by paying a very nominal installation charge of $79, which is quite reasonable than compared to that of others prevailing in the market.


If you are residing in a rented apartment for a year or two, Simplisafe is the apt choice for you to go for. Besides, the pocket pinch is also quite less than compared to any other security automation available in today’s world market.

 On top of that, the installation is also pretty simple in the case of Simplisafe, with a decent trial period, and can solve the security purpose in its best possible manner, and this is the reason it can even successfully fight any premium-quality security product available in the market.