7 Ways to Secure Your Home Windows

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You have secured all the doors of your home. Now, should you be concerned about securing your home windows as well? The answer is a big YES!

You will be astonished to know that most of the illegitimate entries in vacant household take place either through doors or windows. Thus, securing windows is equally pertinent not only to keep burglars at a distance, but also to add one more deterrent in their break-in. Therefore, giving appropriate attention to home windows is imperative when it comes to the security of your loved ones and your belongings.

Following are the seven ways to achieve that:

  • Check the Locks
    First of all, ensure that all your window locks are functioning properly. Also, confirm that even if someone wobbles the window in an attempt to open it, then also its lock should not get open. Besides that, inspect all the windows including the ones that have been decorated, or the ones in the basement, or any other that may go unnoticed for the foolproof protection of your abode. Fundamentally, when you are not using your windows, just keep them latched.
  • Cover up the Windows
    If windows are not concealed properly, the outsiders can obviously get a glimpse of whatever is happening inside. Thus, make sure to conceal them with blindfolds and curtains. This will not only provide comfort and seclusion, but will also keep the prying eyes away from indoor activities. Moreover, avoid the fabrics that are transparent or see through. At times you might need to open them, thus, it is advised not to place valuables near the window and otherwise, these prized possessions can act as a welcome gesture for the wrongdoers.
  • Lit them up
    Do not let places with poor lighting go unseen. This is because the poorly lit windows and doors are more likely to lure burglars and are mishap-prone. Therefore, adequate lighting arrangements or installation of motion sensor lights is the best solution to brighten up such areas. This would lead to an impression that the area is occupied and would keep the burglars at bay.
  • Install Security Cameras and Window Sensors

Positioning security cameras and window sensors would keep a check on things even while you are away. In case of break-ins, the sensors trigger the alarm and the concerned authorities are informed. Also, the camera recordings let you see the complete series of events that happened such as who entered your home, when, and more. Hence, investing in surveillance systems and sensors will enhance your home safety to a whole new level.

  • Take Care of your belongings
    Place expensive electronics, arts or other valuable items away from the windows. The same goes for wrapped gifts too, especially during the holidays. They can act as an invitation for the criminals, increasing the chances of unwanted entries.
  • Reinforced Glass
    Protect your windows with sturdy materials like tempered glass, which is more difficult to break than the traditional glass, as it is highly durable. Although it is slightly expensive as compared to the traditional glass, but it is worth the cost. Besides this, the laminated glass (also known as safety glass) is another good option for securing the window panes for the foolproof protection.

Hope the above information was useful for you!


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