4 Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home this Fall


With colder weather at our doorsteps, we must consider ways to add some warmth to our living spaces. One of the best ways to do this is to cozy up your house for the fall and introduce some adorable decorations. Chilly days wouldn’t be the same without a good old blanket and fluffy pillows to snuggle up. There are many simple ways to prepare your living environment for the fall, without the need to spend serious amounts of money.

Blankets and more blankets

One of the first things to do is to get those soft and fuzzy blankets out of your wardrobe and throw them into your living room and bedroom. Swap light summer bedding for a heavier winter one – without spending a dime, you are already getting into the spirit of the fall.

Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home this Fall1
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Those who don’t have some throw pillows at hand should consider purchasing a few that have fall written all over them. The warmer color palette is a must during this season, since it can brighten the freezing nights and uninviting weather.

A Sheep Herd

One of the materials that will be a true blessing to have around when the temperature dips is wool. Apart from your favorite sweater, try to introduce wool duvets, carpets and tapestry wool. If you buy some knitting wool, you can treat yourself with a number of self-made projects.

Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home this Fall2
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Make some hooked or penny rugs, pillows and even lampshades. There are many other things you can make out of wool, so let your inspiration and creativity guide you. Furthermore, check out companies such as Darn good yarn that offer top-notch wool products, and also provide some striking ideas for home décor.

Nature and colors

It is a good idea to choose some different art for your walls in the main areas of the house to freshen up the space. Rich colors that Mother Nature paints on the outside scenery are preferable. If you don’t feel like spending money, you can turn to DIY projects and pieces of art that add life to your home.

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Also, put some seasonal fruits like apples in a large glass vase and add some candles to the adorable fall mix.  On top of it, there are some plants, such as sunflowers and chrysanthemums that are in the season and ideal for the warm and festive ambient you are aiming for.

Fire in the place

An attractive fireplace not only provides warmth like no other household asset, it also creates a unique, mesmerizing atmosphere perfect for relaxing and spending long hours with a book. Nothing says “welcome, majestic fall” like firewood stacked by the fireplace and that cracking sound of the flames.

Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home this Fall4
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A fire can also be paired with flickering candles and other accessories to create a warm and enthralling feel that the harsh overhead lighting only disrupts. Canning jars can serve as candle holders and you may put some acorns and pressed leaves as decoration as well.

A warm welcome

Warm, cozy and comfortable – that’s how we want it during the fall, and a few seasonal adjustments around your home can make it happen. The nights are longer and colder and the holiday spirit can be felt in the air. What better way to welcome these changes than to add simple, creative touches to your rooms and make them feel more inviting. Light up the nights and dress your home for the fall, not just yourself.


Author Bio:

Zoe Clark is a home decorator from the land down under. She loves playing with colors and spaces, and has a tender spot in her heart for everything vintage.


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