Room of Illusion: 6 Simplified Tricks To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

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Small rooms are uniquely challenging to decorate and design because of some essential piece of large furniture. Though, just because you have large furniture in a small room, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of space and, more importantly, sense of style.

In a small room, everything matters. And this is the reason behind this article, which will show you how to make your room look spacious with this few strategies.

Excellent Flooring

Various flooring design serves to emphasize the space but also can make a small room look even smaller. Have the type of flooring that flows from one space to the next area. If you already have timber floors, think of going for wider boards with tiles.

Also, pick that large-format style because as the fewer cement lines visible, the more spacious your floor will appear. This flooring design creates a continuous flow, making the room feel like it is a part of a large area. Also, one great choice for a small area is a circular carpet. Carpet creates a connection between the pieces of furniture without attaching any other shapes.

If you consider a regular carpet format, take a smaller size that emphasizes the areas between your furnishings. Plus, another useful tip; don’t put the carpet underneath the sofa to visually lose the room space.

Save the Space

One optical illusion to make your room bigger is by having the space-saving furniture. A basic solution for small areas is by raising your bed with risers and use its underneath to store your clothes.

Also, think of purchasing bed sets with built-in storage beneath. But you should not limit yourself there, be creative with some design ideas for your small room.

You can use folding chairs, folding tables, expandable dining table and desks and file them when not in use. For affordable and various choices of beds, you can visit some online websites like Black Mango.

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Paint with Monochromatic Colors

One essential characteristic of any room theme is the harmony, and the right way to begin is by using monochromatic paint.

You can use this kind of paint shades throughout your room to create space and fluidity. Painting your room with opposite or different shades will divide the portions of your room when viewing it, and making it look smaller.

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You can use various shades of one color such as beige, off-white or white to expand your room. Pale colors are also a great option, such as light grey, cream, ivory, yellow and pale blue. Some rooms use the colors of blue to harmonize the flow of colors.

Wall of Mirrors

Mirrors are a great option to create a bigger-looking room since it reflects artificial and natural light throughout the space. One traditional solution to achieve your goal is to cover the wall with mirrors.

Glass tabletops and mirrors placed on the walls will provide your room a more open environment. Create a focal point and angle the mirrors near it to make an illusion of depth. Focus on placing the mirrors correctly to reflect a window and to add extra light. Also, consider having mirrored cabinet doors to create a more spacious room.

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Remove Excess Stuff

Maintain the arranged and tidy ambiance in your room. Having too many things inside a small room will make the area messy and even smaller. With stuff neatly organized and is not visible, the area will give an open and orderly filed feeling when viewed. Avoid covering your walls with a lot of portraits.

A large picture or painting is productive compared to a group of little paintings. If there are too many pictures in your room, the attention will shift to them, making the room feel crowded and busy.

Proper Arrangement of Furnishings

Usually, the arrangement of furniture uses a lot of space in a room. If you have a small room, make sure to maximize your furniture arrangement. Measure the furniture size to match the size of the room, and so you won’t block the pathways.

Place the large furniture piece against the walls to utilize the open and free space. Make sure also that there is enough space between your furnishings. Pick a chair or sofas with exposed legs and open arms. This trick will allow light to pass through beneath the furniture, to create an airy feeling in the room.


You don’t have to settle for your small bedroom when you can create an illusion and make it look bigger. Decorating and organizing any small room or living space can be a challenge but with the use of mirrors, installing space-saving furniture, using the right colors for walls, you can face the challenge with ease and style.


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