Five Ways to Make a Large Room Cozier

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We may have all already read what we need to do to give small spaces that illusory effect of being bigger than it originally is but when it comes to larger areas, we tend to fall short when it comes to decorating. In fact, it is much easier to make a place seem bigger than its original size than attempt to make a big space seem smaller than it initially is provided you do not overdo the clutter. Fret not, however as it is much easier to decorate and make a little room seem cozier as opposed to a larger one. In fact, with so much floor space and room around you, it can be rather daunting to start and, even more, puzzling to organize.  Though making a large room seem comfortable and cozy may present its multitude of challenges, it is very much doable and manageable.

So, if you are a homeowner whose home is equipped with high ceilings, an abundance of floor area or are living in a loft and if you currently desire a cozier looking place, take a look at the redecorating tips you can incorporate into your next home redecorating project.

1.)      Strategically place tall potted plants

When a room you are seeking to redecorate is equipped with rather high ceilings or might just be a little too sparse when it comes to decorations, utilize the corners of such rooms and fill it with tall potted trees or plants. To make sure that the space you allocated for your plant is habitable and sustainable, strategically place it where it gets enough sunlight to supply the plant’s needs. Whenever you have high ceilings about, remember that you can never go wrong with potted flora.

2.)    Paint two-tone walls

Though tall potted plants may achieve the effect of drawing attention to your high ceilings and accentuating it, there are only so many plants you can utilize before your room is starting to look like a vanity spread of a popular rainforest. And at other times, we desire a different effect and instead of accentuating the high ceilings we want to detract them. To achieve this opposite effect, paint your walls in two tones (for a cozier feel choose a neutral tone) and paint one color halfway up and another color the rest of the way. This is an ingenious artifice utilize to trick the eye into thinking the walls are shorter than they originally are.
Five Ways to Make a Large Room Cozier

3.)    Use a daybed to divide a spacious room

Daybeds are versatile in such a way that divide a room and can make for a rather luxurious and extravagant looking lounge chair. Should your living room be incredibly large, creating two full seating areas can be an option you want to take. Be sure to mark the separation while appropriately designing each area with furniture you can easily see over.

5 Ways to Make a Large Room Cozier

4.)    Create an intimate spot for two within a larger room

Decorating large spaces can a bit overwhelming as there is so much space to go around. When your house is equipped with a huge living room suitable for entertaining large groups of people, it can be easy to overlook the fact that we are not always hosting parties or neglect the fact that the living area is akin to a receiving area where we entertain neighbors dropping by as well. To compromise, position a small card table against a bare wall along with a pair of elegant chairs. This space is perfect for entertaining a single guest stopping by for tea, can be utilized for reading or simply a place where you can strategically place a telephone for chatting.

5.)    Fill wall space rather than letting it go bare

A practical solution for filling up large spaces is to pull off all furniture from the walls and arrange them closer to the center of the space to make a room seem smaller and cozier. However, we tend to go a bit overboard and end up leaving the wall space bare. This wall space can still be utilized, and one way to do just that is to place console tables against the bare wall with benches tucked beneath it. To give it an artistic touch, place well-chosen paintings above it.

Decorating large rooms may present a challenge and may even be a daunting undertaking, but with the simple tricks above you can will soon see that any room no matter how large can be given that aesthetic cozy and comfortable feel and ambiance.


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