5 Things to Look For When Hiring a Plumber

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One of the most common misdeeds in the repair service industry are plumbing frauds. With little knowledge on plumbing or specialty in the services repair area, the average person will be more than likely to be overcharged than what is appropriate. People are being serviced and unknowingly been ripped off only until after they have compared prices with another person they know, who have had been charged for lower. The discrepancies in the type and scope of the repair contributes to the complexity and difficulty of knowing whether a tradesman is overcharging you. However, there are several measures that you could consider to decrease your chance of being frauded by the handyman.

  1. Do your research

Ask among people you know. Where it be family, friends or colleagues, it is integral to gather a general idea of prices that are being charged within the local community. Here, you will be able to formulate a mini review of the recommended plumbers in the area and hear their first-hand experiences from their customers. For a further extended research, online sources are your next approach. Gumtree is a platform that conveniently lists the available plumbers in the area to make comparison of plumber an easier process. Here, you can compare and check the ratings and comments given to the company and service providers on their social medias for a more accurate evaluation. It is also best to research the level of experience that the plumber is certified. Contacting the plumber directly and attaining a copy of their plumbing licence and qualifications will identify a tradesman’s skill and experience level. This is integral as you do not want to be misled in being charged for a service that should be completed by a master plumber, although was completed by an apprentice for the same price.

  1. What exactly are you being charged for?

When receiving quotes from various plumbers, the range of prices may drastically differ. One may be contrastingly cheaper to another option owing to how basic or comprehensive the service will be. You must ensure to have a full understanding of what you are not being charged for, what you are being charged for and the time that such benefits will be received. For instance, would a check-up be offered to the following month or the following year? You may also be charged for the number of tradesmen that is required to complete the repair. Be aware that in some occasions, plumbers will acquire an unnecessary number of people to complete one repair and would overcharge you to compensate for the extra labour. To prevent this, clarify prior to the day of service, the amount of people who will be required to repair.

  1. Put everything in writing

Plumbers who would more likely conduct fraudulent behaviour are those that would offer to charge cash for a cheaper price, although will not produce an invoice. This form of conduct is untraceable and does not show any substantial proof or evidence of the transaction. In the event the plumbing was inadequate and did not meet the expected standards of the consumer, they will not be entitled a repair or refund of the service.  The materials and equipment should also be of the same quality that is listed on the contract, and not be switched for cheaper alternatives. Ensure that all the details of what will be included in the service is detailed into the contract, so you will be entitled to a refund and warranty.

  1. Observe before quote

Another way to be caught in a plumber’s scam is by accepting a price without the plumber looking at the damage of what needs to be repaired. The plumber must observe the actual damage to consider the scope and nature of the damage to which they then will offer a quote.

  1. Be aware of dodgy servicing

At the time of the service, you also need to be on a look out to see if you are being frauded. There is a tendency for repair services to determine their charge rate depending on the affluence and wealth of a household. To prevent this, ensure you receive quotes from different companies, to ensure there is no discriminatory-influenced charge. It is also a good idea to confirm that you are not getting charged for the plumber’s non-productive hours such as their lunch break, to check that you are not overpaying for service not being completed.

Taking these measures into consideration is an effective way of preventing yourself from being frauded the next time you hire a plumber. Regardless, the repair industry is continuously improving its processes with the introduction of new platforms to streamline the process and thus reducing the prevalence of fraud. Service Titan is a software that eases the service business process by recording the payment and consumer details of the customer to enable and more efficient and secure transaction.


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