3 Major Signs that You’re Having Sewer Problem

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Are you experiencing sewer problems lately? Then, this is a problem that needs quick fix. You can do it by yourself but it will be more efficient if you hire a professional to do it. With the advent of internet, you can look up this kind of service within your area and all you need to do is call the service, it may be a bit pricey but it will definitely help you.

But how will you know when it’s time for you to seek help of the professional sewer inspector and do their work? A clog in the sewer drain will be a major problem eventually. In times like these, you should call professionals who can help you out.
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Below are the signs that you are having a serious sewer problem, take note of them:

  1. Multiple fixtures are considered as clogged. One thing you should keep an eye is when there is more than one plumbing fixture backs up all at the same time. One specific place is the toilet. Toilets are prone to this problem. Now, if you think that you have a sewer drain clog, begin to check other fixtures inside your home. Check your toilets every now and then because they have the most direct path to your sewer and hold the biggest drain line inside the house. Also, give time to check the tub and shower. Why? It is because they are located under the sink drain.
  2. There is a strange reaction when using the fixture. Next in line is when you hear unexpected or unusual reactions when you use the plumbing fixture.

Flush the toilet. When you experience water backing up or coming up into the tub or shower when you flush the toilet, this is a clear sign that there is a clog on the sewer drain. The water does not go down properly on the pipes and will come out at the lowest point which is the shower drain. If this occurs, it’s about time you call an expert.


Run the sink. Here, the sign is the trapped air in the plumbing system. To check it properly, open the faucet and let the water run in the sink which is closest to the toilet. If the toilet shows a sign of bubbles, there is high percentage that the clog is in the main sewer line and not in the toilet.

  1. Drainage inspection. You will have an option to check if the sewer has a drain clog and that is the main line clean out. What you need to do is open the clean out – unscrewing or pulling the cap. Look for any waste or water that may cause clogging. If the water is flowing out from the clean out, it will confirm the sewer problem.

You must understand the sewer problem and the signs so that you will know what will be the possible solutions you can use to resolve it.


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