Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

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If you thought that a chic looking bathroom has to be spacious think again. If you look at all those regal-looking bathrooms adorning the glossy pages of magazines, they sometimes look more significant than the real deal. It is not always that you find a house with a roomy bathroom. You can always add your personal touch and some little magic to make even the smallest bathroom look pretty. Would you like to know how to make the most of your bathroom space and make your small bathroom look roomy?


If you are the homeowner and if you have the freedom to choose the bathroom layout then here are a few things you can do to make your bathroom look spacious.

Decide on Shower or Tub

There is a common misconception that showers might be better for a small bathroom as tubs occupy an ample space. There are plenty of smaller yet cozier bathtubs designed to fit even in the most modest bathrooms. There are also corner mounting bathtubs that provide enough room without taking up too much floor space.

Showers are good too but rethink the kind of partition you provide. Using shower curtains can create a barrier without making the place look cramped. A hybrid design where you combine a bath and shower would be an even better choice for small bathrooms. If there is enough room you can install a small tub and a shower side by side on one side of the partition. A shower in the tub is the most practical when it comes to saving space but not limiting your options.

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The Toilet Details

There are plenty of compact toilet designs available today that save a lot of space. Wall-mounted toilets are even better choices for small bathrooms. When you are tight on the floor space, corner mounted toilets are also available. Wall integrated flush tanks create a cleaner look and ensure that your toilet setup doesn’t take up too much of the available space in the bathroom. The more the floor space you leave out, the more spacious your bathroom would look.

Bathroom Tiles

This is probably one of those details that most people give the least importance. The height of cladding the wall with waterproof tiles determines the ease of maintenance. This can also determine whether the bathroom looks spacious or tiny. Choose larger tiles, preferably in light colors. If you have enough natural light falling in your bathroom, then the light-colored scheme in your bathroom would create a virtual sense of space.


There are plenty of ways in which you can make the bathroom look big and beautiful without carrying out any significant renovations.

Storage Solutions

Bathroom contemporary style. 3d visualization

The kind of storage options you choose for your bathroom has a huge role to play in influencing the looks of the bathroom. Here are some of the ideas that can lighten up your bathroom design while also giving you plenty of storage space.

  • Try the storage ladder for bathroom linen organization. You can also pick small baskets and hang them on the rungs with S-hooks for storing toiletries and other supplies.
  • Hide those cabinets behind the bathroom mirror if possible. This might be a clichéd design concept, but a bathroom wall cabinet with mirror is one of the most space-efficient additions to your bathroom.
  • Rethink you’re below the sink vanity design. You can altogether skip this and choose a pedestal mounted washbasin. Or, if you do need a storage space below the sink then using a floating one can make your space look bigger.
  • Using open shelves makes it possible to give enough room for all your bathroom accessories without looking cluttered. When you choose coordinated accessories and toiletry storage jars or bottles, arranging them on your open shelves can also add an exciting décor detail to your bathroom.
  • Behind the door storage shelves are other useful considerations.

Lights and More Lights

Bathrooms that get natural light tend to look fresh and spacious. If yours doesn’t have that option, then you can still fix the problem by choosing to install multiple artificial light sources. More than the brightness of the lights itself, the kind of fixtures you choose, the place where you mount them, all determine the outcome. There are bright LED lights; panel mounted as well as flush-mounted ones for the smallest bathrooms where even a protruding light fixture is going to be a luxurious waste of space so don’t overdo it.

Mirror on the Wall

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Choosing wide or tall mirrors can often do the trick, and this is one idea that you might already be aware of. The real deal, however, is to know where to place your mirror. Even the smallest mirror set such that it reflects enough light can make your space look bigger. Therefore, consider the placement of mirrors depending on where the light sources are.

Do You Need Those Rugs?

Bathroom rugs are interesting ways to add color. There are even some bathrooms that come with carpeted floors. Visible floors with light-colored anti-skid tiles can make a bathroom look large. However, too many rugs can give the feeling of less floor space. Therefore, choose wisely the number of rugs you place, the design and the colors such that the floor is still visible. You can use contour rugs to add warmth and color while also saving floor space.

Cut the Clutter

Staying minimal with the kind of things you store in your bathroom can also create a feeling of space. Be stingy when you are picking the items that go into your bathroom. An organized bathroom looks airy and welcoming.

Finally, there is one other detail that you should not ignore and that is the style of your bathroom door. One that opens inside is one of the most common designs. Choosing a sliding door can be a better alternative. So, which among these bathroom space saver ideas impressed you the most? Try them out and make your bathroom look trendy and roomy.

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