11 Design Ideas for Small Bathroom

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Kravelv

Are you worried about having a small bathroom? And want to come up with a stunning décor and design in the same space?

No worries at all. There are plenty of styles and design hacks that can be applied to make a small bathroom look and feel bigger. You cannot only transform your small bathroom space into a wider one but also bring a flair of personality and elegance in a tricky manner.

From installing basins to tiling, clever storage to lighting and playing with décor, there are myriad of options to enhance a small bathroom space. Here we have got such smart design ideas that make the most of your space.

11 Efficient Design Ideas to Turn a Small Bathroom into Luxurious Space:

  • Shower Curtain Saves Space:

The bathing section can be separated from rest of the bathroom with curtains or glass doors. But the smart hack for a small space is to use shower curtain over glass doors. The curtains (moving back and forth) save a lot of space as compared to those doors that are required to be moved in and out.

  • Maximize Storage with Built-In Shelves:

If your bathroom has less flooring space, this hack is the real savior for your bathroom. Utilize walls for built-in shelves to maximize the storage space. This not only gives you a smart way to stack up your accessories in a tiny bathroom but also conceals unnecessary things (like pipes, cisterns etc.)

  • Go for Wall-Hung Units:

Working with wall-hung units let you feel a bigger space as more of the floor can be viewed. Having such wall-hung basins offer more space to put baskets underneath the area having toiletries. This not only saves space but adds an airy and bigger touch to your bathroom.

  • Make Use of Windows for Mirror:

If you have a bathroom having not enough space to hang a mirror, the windows can smartly be utilized here. Hanging a mirror in front of the windows creates more space as well as saves your privacy.

  • Same Tiling on Floors and Walls:

Another hack to make your bathroom space look and feel wider is to use the same tiles on floors and walls. This gives an instant perception of a bigger space. Ideal Home has shared a great bathroom design where the continuous run of tiles makes that bathroom spacious, while the wall-hung unit further saves on the floor space.

  • Add Towel Racks for Convenience:

An extra convenience can be added by installing towel racks above the bathing tub. This not only makes the most of your little space but offers an extra convenience. So, you won’t have to tip-toe around while being wet.

  • Free Up Space with Corner Sink:

Having too little space in the bathroom sometimes makes it difficult to walk around. And having pedestal sinks in such cases makes it more horrible. Installing a ada bathroom sink across from the toilet can free up your space efficiently. It further creates room for placing a shower tub or other accessories (like tankless water heaters for bathroom) without hassles.

  • Get Oval Mirrors for Bigger Feel:

The placement of mirror is important but its shape is critical in enhancing your bathroom space. Hanging oval mirrors put an immense effect on space as they appear to stretch upwards. So, the ceilings appear to be taller and get the bathroom a bigger feel and look.

  • Decorate Countertops for Sophisticated Touch

Don’t mess up your countertops with unnecessary items. Store personal grooming tools, makeup items or other such accessories in drawers or shelves. So, the countertop is completely de-cluttered. And bring a sense of style by decorating it with fresh flowers, lotion or hand wash bottles.

  • Consider Wall-Mounted Faucets:

This smart hack saves square footage in your bathroom. You can save enough space by fixing wall-mounted faucets. This further frees up space to install vanity sinks. You can try these faucets in traditional yet trendy designs to come up with the desired décor

  • Optimize Your Bathroom with Sliding Door:

By installing traditional moving doors, they take up some space when get opened. You can apply a smart hack by replacing that ordinary moving door with sliding one. These sliding doors stay parallel with the wall, so your space is truly optimized.

Final Thoughts:

Now, you don’t need to worry while decorating your small bathroom. Practicing the listed hacks and tips will not only free up sufficient space but will utilize your space in a tremendous way as well.