5 Bathroom Renovation Targets that are Often Overlooked

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A bathroom renovation can be such an exciting project. When you first create a vision of what you want in your mind, it’s easy to see to imagine the big changes to the tub, the cabinets, floors and ceilings. Having so many interesting things to change can make it easy to forget about some of the less-obvious targets that will make a huge difference.

Your plan to renovate your bathroom should be a complete vision: One that takes into account everything that the human eye sees, and that the human body experiences. Here are some of the most overlooked aspects of planning a bathroom renovation, so that you can make sure your plan doesn’t miss a single detail…

The Lighting

Lighting is about as important as it gets when it comes to renovations. Good lighting, with good angles, can completely change the look and feel of any rooms. Unfortunately, lights rarely get top billing in a renovation, and when they do, it’s usually just an update to the fixtures. New fixtures are always fun, but for a completely transformed look, think about adding more lights, even colored lights, and pointing them in more directions to bring out different parts of your new bathroom.

The Water

A new bathroom renovation is often about comfort, and when it comes to adding comfort, there are a lot of options. Heated floors are a luxurious morning treat, and if you’re really decadent, you can also get heated toilet seats and towel racks. Don’t forget, though, that you can add just as much by making a change to the water.

If you live in an area with mineral-heavy water, you can achieve a more pleasant feel during every shower and hand wash by investing in a water softener as part of your renovation. This is a device sold by many manufacturers that filters out heavy minerals and leaves water with a “softer” feel. It’s something that can improve your comfort every day.

The Technology

Don’t overlook the importance of updating the technology when you plan your next bathroom renovation project. After all, plenty of bathroom appliances have joined the internet of things (including your toilet) and are ready to start serving their human overlords. Invest in smart technology that allows you to do things like track your water temperature and usage. Install a waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the shower so that anyone using it can set up their phone to play music or podcasts.

The Windows

Like the lighting, the size and quality of the windows will reveal almost everything else that’s worth seeing in your renovation. Windows are rarely targeted in renovations. Cutting into the wall to place a new window is often assumed to have a higher price that it really does. Large, well-placed (but obviously, private) windows can add an amazing sense of warmth and peace to any bathroom.

The View

Some of the most amazingly designed bathrooms in the world are those that have taken the view into account. The windows reveal an outdoor space that has been specifically designed to be enjoyed as a view from either the toilet or the shower. These spaces typically include privacy walls that keep the rest of the outdoors separate, but some have taken the concept far enough to include showers that extend into the outdoor area.

It doesn’t take much time or money to improve what your bathroom is looking out on, even if you don’t have a large budget for your project. For example, you could plant a tree that will blossom in front of the window during spring, or you could fill a tree that your window looks out on with some decorative touches.

Don’t Miss the Best Parts of a Renovation

Don’t miss any of these important areas when you are considering your next big bathroom project. These areas may not get as much attention as the floors and fixtures, but they can make a far bigger difference in how both you and guests experience the bathroom. Make sure you consider the lights and windows, the quality of your water and the convenience of the latest technology. Make sure you know what people are seeing when they look out the window from your new bathroom.


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