Which antique French bathroom fixture is the savior of our health?

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You think that products from the past couple of centuries are long gone and have been replaced by improved, modernalternatives? Well, in some cases, you may be right, but when it comes to abathroom fixture made in the 19th century France, you couldn’t be more wrong!

We have all heard about the bidet, but there aren’t many of us who realize the many benefits of this antique bathroom fixture for our health and personal hygiene. Want to find out more about how it can improve your health?

1. Better cleanliness

Think about it – what if you had dirt on your face? Would you use a dry tissue to wipe it away or you would use warm water? The answer is clear. So, why would you use a dry toilet paper to clean your privates? Toilet paper can’t remove the entire residue, while a stream of warm water from the bidet can. It’s the most effective way to completely clean your private parts. Modern bidets allow you to choose the intensity of the stream so that you can experience maximal comfort.

2. Less irritation and itchiness

Toilet paper can’t be soft enough to avoid occasional itchiness or irritation of the sensitive skin around your privates. It is a product that contains perfume and many chemicals which can be harming to your skin, causing redness and even allergies. Water, on the other hand, is the most natural way to keep your sensitive parts clean and you don’t have to fear of any bad reaction of your skin to it.

3. Improved feminine hygiene

Women have far more sensitive parts exposedthan men, making their proper personal hygiene that much harder. Bidets allow women to wash their intimate parts gently but thoroughly. It also means women will be less prone to urinary tract infections, which often happen due to bacteria from the anal area getting into contact with the vaginal area when a woman is wiping herself with toilet paper. In other words, bidets are improving women’s intimate health.

4. Relieving certain health conditions

The comfort and practicality of using the bidet mean that many health conditions are easier to endure, for example, hemorrhoids, because where there is less abrasion, there is less irritation and pain. Symptoms of other health conditions’ like rectal prolapse, anal fistula, ulcerative colitis, and Chron’s disease can also be relieved by using specialized types of a bidet or specific attachments like a toilet jet spray.People suffering from chronic diarrhea will also find the bidet very helpfulbecause it removes the acidic residue from the already irritated area,relieving the pain. In short, depending on your needs, you can find a bidetthat suits your needs best.

5. Useful bathroom improvement for elderly and physically challenged

With, time elderly people lose strength and agility, so it’s no wonder why many of them need assistance when going to the toilet or maintaining their personal hygiene. Using a specialized bidet will allow them to be more independent because a bidet does all the work for them. This will mean they will have more privacy and they will feel better aboutthemselves, but it will also allow them to keep their strength. Physically challenged people will also find the bidet very helpful and comfortable, allowing them more independence.

Additional benefits of a bidet

Even though your health and personal hygiene are the most important benefits of using a bidet, let’s not forget other advantages to this great bathroom improvement:

– reduced number of clogs – toilet paper is infamous for its tendency to clog toilets and pipes. Unclogging them can be complicated and expensive, and the truth is you can’t do anything to prevent it. On the other hand, if you switch to a bidet, you will use the toilet paper 75% less frequently than before, significantly reducing the chance of clogging and saving money in the process.

– eco-friendly bathroom improvement – there are several reasons why using a bidet is good for your environment. First of all, toilet paper is made of damaging chemicals which eventually end up polluting the rivers and the land in your vicinity. When you stop using it, you’ll reduce your environmental footprint. Secondly, the cost of producing, packaging and transport of the toilet paper is very high and pollutes the environment in many ways during the process. Thirdly, many trees has to be cut in order to produce toilet paper. Only in the USA, millions of trees need to becut every year to produce the toilet paper.

Final comment

A bidet is your sure way to improved personal hygiene and better overall health. You just need to leave your misconceptions aside and see a bidet for what it really is – an incredibly beneficial modern bathroom feature.


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