How To Revamp Your Small Bedroom On A Budget

Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by Kravelv

Your bedroom is your private little haven, so it definitely deserves all the attention you can give. But you need not depend on an interior decor professional to give it a revamp as it is your space and requires a personal touch. A little creativity and good thinking can transform a tiny bedroom into an ultimate relaxation space. The best thing is that you need not spend a fortune to create the cozy and comfortable room of your dreams, despite the space constraints. Here are some simple and pocket-friendly ideas you can try to revamp your small bedroom on a budget.

Declutter first

As a rule of thumb, every makeover project should start with a decluttering spree. It becomes all the more crucial if you work with a small area. Even as it sounds hard to clear stuff, an open mindset and right approach can make it simple. Assess everything in the room and retain only the things you need. Eliminate everything else you do not require or plan to use. You will end up with more floor area once you cut the clutter from it. The place will be easier to revamp, and you will get more ideas for the makeover. So this is the best way to start.

Switch it up

When you eliminate the redundant stuff from the small bedroom, it is a good time to try your hand at changing the layout of the room. It wouldn’t cost anything, but the place gets a fresh look and feel with just a little work. You can take a hit and trial approach and settle for a layout you like. Consider changing the position of the bed so that you have more natural light reaching it. You may want to utilize a corner to create a small home office, and a new layout can get you some extra space for it.

Paint for a fresh feel

Even before you pick any other decor idea for your bedroom, give it a fresh feel with a coat of paint. You can go the extra mile with savings by opting for DIY rather than calling a professional. A DIY paint project doesn’t require technical skills, and you can manage with the right material and online tips. Opt for lighter hues as they create an impression of openness even in limited areas. Pale blue, light grey, taupe, and sea green are the hues of the season. You can also create an accent wall with textures if you want to add some drama to the decor.

Make it sleep-worthy

A bedroom deserves to be sleep-worthy because that’s what it is meant for. The next thing on your revamp checklist should be your mattress, as you probably cannot replace your bed on a tight budget. Upgrading to memory foam is a great idea because it is a worthy investment for comfort and better sleep. Since these mattresses are made of high-density foams, you can expect them to retain their shape and last for years. Complete the effect with new cushions and pillows, and you will have a perfect sleep-worthy space to relax and rest.

Hang up new curtains

Another decor idea that will revamp your bedroom without costing a lot is getting new curtains for the place. You may choose a thick material if you want to keep the lights out and get more sleep in the early morning hours. You can draw them open for natural light during the day. Alternatively, lighter materials work well for early-risers who want to wake up with the sunrise. Pick a color and pattern that complements the decor of the bedroom.

Lighting matters

Lighting is a significant element of decor, and you can do a lot by spending only a little. The right kind of lighting can create a relaxing and inviting ambiance in the room. Invest in new bedside lamps to make an impactful change. You can try ditching them to open up more space on both sides of the bed. Consider illuminating the room with elegant wall-mounted sconces instead. They will not take up the floor area but make the small space bright and inviting.

Dress the floor

Another element that you cannot overlook while giving your bedroom a makeover is the floor. Adding an area rug can make a big impact, bringing warmth and comfort to the room. It pulls a room together and enhances the aesthetics. But even as you add a rug, pick a lighter hue because it will make the area appear more spacious. You can get creative with patterns, but once again, choose wisely. Stripes add to the length of the room, while broad patterns make it look tighter. There is plenty of choice in rugs, such as runners besides the bed and smaller area rugs near the dresser and work area.

Add some greens

If you want to bring positive vibes to your small bedroom, adding some greens can do the trick without disrupting your budget. Pick smaller plants for the small space because they will look impactful without being overpowering. Opt for low-maintenance indoor greens and place them around the corners. You can even have a couple of herbs in small containers and put them on floating shelves on the walls. The greens will bring freshness and make the indoor air healthy as well.

Invest in additional storage

Managing small spaces becomes a tad easier if you have extra storage to keep your knick-knacks out of sight. Consider investing in a few double-duty furniture pieces as a part of the makeover project if you can spend a bit. You can add a couple of stools with box storage or pick a taller dresser with extra drawers. Closet organizers, nesting baskets, and fabric storage bins are some other low-cost options that can get you more storage options for the small space.

If you have been delaying your bedroom revamp only because of money woes, you need not worry anymore. Just try these creative ideas, and you can have a spacious-looking and charming place without pinching your pocket.