Puny and Snuggly: Smart Tips Into Making Your Tiny Bedroom More Roomy

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

Are you looking to provide your tiny bedroom a stylish and trendy figure? Before you start looking for a costly designer,  it is best to think smartly and critically first.

Allocating a fortune on expensive furniture and bedroom designs does not guarantee a beautiful look. In making a small room look cozy, it is best to think about every tiny detail in your bedroom and make good use of every available space.

Do not let the small size of our bedroom hinder your creativity. It is always free to take a shot of your inner artist and produce a fantastic art out of it by decorating your small room. Here are some of the solutions that will help make your tiny space look bigger, inviting and multifunctional.

Focus on the Height and Dangle a Gorgeous Chandelier

Minimizing the color distraction on the walls, furnishings, and floors are some of the methods in turning a tiny bedroom look like it is larger than usual. Make your tall ceiling alluring by painting it with bright colors which can easily grab your attention. Also, the illusion of bright colors will make the ceiling of your room look higher than usual.

If you are a person that is more into the traditional types of beds with a headboard and a footboard, then an excellent lighting fixture is an additional method to make the tall ceilings a focal point.

If your tiny bedroom has a tall ceiling, dangling a ceiling fixture is a brilliant approach to embellish the height of your bedroom and make it larger than it is simply because the attractive design of the chandelier will draw your attention and will make your gaze bounce around the room.

Refrain from Table Lamps

The lamp should be a pleasant addition to your bedroom, however, decorating your room with a correct lighting is always a challenge and can be one of the hardest tasks to accomplish.

If your tiny room does not have a space for a large bedside table, then there is no need to clutter it with lamps. On the bright side, you can always purchase lamps that you can install off the wall such as sconces with adjustable arms, this way, the lighting fixture will be able to adjust for you.

It would be beneficial for you if you not to fill up every free space in your room with furniture for leaving some vacant space in your tiny bedroom will give it an uncluttered look.

Select the Right Mattress Size

Purchasing the correct size of mattress will be a great deal for you if you happen to have a tiny bedroom. While bigger mattresses are exceptional for stretching out, they are still one of the many culprits that can make your little room more congested. Also, large mattress for a small room will disallow you to place essential furniture that you like.

As a primary rule, you will need to leave a space at least two inches between the last furniture and the wall, for effortless movement and to prevent your tiny bedroom from looking more tinier.

If you do not want to adjust when it comes to size, you can look for a bed with a built-in shelf or an integrated nightstand for you to not to place a classic nightstand and save more space.

Another method you can apply is to put your bed to one side of the room rather than putting it in the middle part of the room. Placing your bed to one side provide you with more access and as well as a large corner.

Do Not Hesitate to be Creative

The beauty of art provides your perception something to focus on beyond the physical aspect of a particular room and gives a concept of enlarging a space, and the method of hanging is one of the most necessary options in making a room look larger than usual.

If you plan to place a hanging decoration above your bed, it is best to set the art within the width of the bed.

Also, with your room already small, there is no need to overwhelm the walls in your bedroom with unneeded stuff, for the more you put extra materials on the walls of the room will surely make your room look smaller and choked. Instead of putting large pieces altogether, try placing it around the room on different walls.

Focus on the Functions

There is no need to buy a big storage that sits in the small room consuming a big and needed space. While having a small room, it is important to keep the surfaces of the room clear and not packed.

Purchasing furniture that has a hidden cache is a smart way to keep the things inside the room arranged and organized. Also, owning a bed with a hidden cache is like having a closet to put your belongings that will not visually crowd the tiny bedroom.

Also, you can purchase furniture that is multifunctional like ottoman because you can use it as a seat and as well as a table.


Having a small room does not mean you have to limit your creativity as well, there are always plenty of approaches into making your tiny room bigger through using your inner artist.

On the other hand, designing your room will require careful planning because, at the end of the long day, your bedroom will still be the place for you to rest and it is best to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible.

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook