8 Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Decorating a small bedroom can be overwhelming yet frustrating at the same time. However, it doesn’t have to be that way because you can eventually enjoy it. With the right design and techniques, you can transform your small, tight room into a cozy retreat.

Additionally, great ideas like innovative storage solutions and multipurpose furniture can give a new look to your compact space. Check out these eight useful tips and see which of them best fits your needs.

1. Opt for a Simple Bedroom Layout

You do not need to pull a magic trick for your small bedroom layout. It is best to keep it simple and highly functional. One of our suggestions is to place your bed in the center of the primary wall rather than pushing it against an adjacent wall.

By doing so, you can have some space to walk on both bedsides for better room flow. Plus, you can have room to arrange your pillows and blanket before sleeping or make your bed when you wake up.

2. Choose Light-Colored Paints

A small room can feel like a little cave sometimes due to the use of dark hues. Instead of utilizing dark tones, choose light-colored paints for your small bedroom. Some color options are the following:

  • cream
  • sky blue
  • aloe green
  • sunshine yellow
  • white

However, if light hues are not your thing and you opt for something darker, you may go with the vibrant ones. Some examples are bright turquoise, burnt orange, and cherry red. These colors can create a bold statement to your room without making the bedroom walls seem tight.

Furthermore, if you want another option, you can opt to paint one wall using a dark color. You may choose the wall behind your bed’s headboard. You are making a feature wall with this method that anchors the bed without turning the room into a compressed space.

3. Make the Illusion of Space

Another tip we suggest is to create the illusion of space in your bedroom. This technique can genuinely make your little space look spacious. The following are several ways on how to do it:

  • Use monochromatic colors: Bathing your bedroom with many colors may sound fun, but it can make your area look smaller and overcrowded. Using monochromatic color schemes allows the eyes to move conveniently around your room because there is no visual interruption.
  • Place mirrors: The presence of mirrors can make your living space feel more spacious and airy because they reflect light. With that, it also adds more depth to your existing bedroom space.
  • Have the right selection of furniture: For a small area like your bedroom, avoid having solid and heavy furniture or skirted sofas. Instead, select the ones with raised legs and have lesser visual weight. 
  • Utilize curtains and drapes strategically: When using curtains and drapes, put them near to your ceiling as much as possible. Plus, ensure that its height reaches the floor. It can create the illusion that you have a larger window, increasing the perceived room size.

4. Avoid Messing Up Your Walls with Decors

Due to your bedroom’s small area, you should make it feel as open and unobstructed as possible. However, this idea becomes unreachable if you hang too many decors on your walls. It can even make your room look like a cave.

So, you better avoid cluttering your walls with unnecessary decorations. Go with a few wall decor pieces like mirrors, pictures, or art statements to make it neat.

5. Maximize Your Storage Space

One of the methods you can do to maximize every inch of your small bedroom is to have a wise storage arrangement. You can decorate your room with multipurpose furniture to entirely utilize every available space without making it congested.

You can choose to have a bed with built-in storage drawers or mount your bedside table and shelves. This technique reduces the use of your floor space, which results in a much-organized room. Plus, ideas like these can make your room look unique while maximizing the area you have.

bed storage

6. Consider Installing Wall Lights or Hanging Lights

When you find your room lacking surface space to place some lights on, better say no to floor lamps and table lamps. Those things will only lessen the floor space you have, leading to an obstructed small room. Instead, consider choosing space-saving sconces you can install on the wall or lights hanging from the ceiling.

Moreover, there are other options like installing lights with a swinging arm, which you can adjust where you want to direct the light. It is functional, convenient, and saves you some space for other things in your room.

7. Keep Your Room Neat and Clutter-Free

Since you only have a small bedroom space, you need to keep it neat and clutter-free always. For instance, a pile of shirts may not look much in a big room, but in yours, it can look like a mountain. So, ensuring your area to be clean almost every day is one of the things you must do.

Here are the things we recommend to keep your bedroom as tidy as possible:

  • Make your bed every day.
  • Put away your stuff like accessories after using them.
  • Hang up your clothes at night.
  • Place a laundry basket or bag in your room or closet.
  • Avoid keeping things that you don’t need.

8. Have Customized Furniture Pieces

Opting to have custom-made furniture for your bedroom space can be a valuable and worthwhile investment. You can choose to obtain a bed, wall-mounted tables, or built-in drawers that best fits your preferences.

Furthermore, when you customize your furniture, you can eliminate the struggle of matching its dimensions with your space. You can even decide on its total look. Also, a classic transparent chair can provide unshowy seating, which makes your space more breathable.

Wrapping Up

Small bedroom spaces can become a challenge for even the best decorators. With its limited area, it makes you feel like you are trying to solve some jigsaw puzzles. However, it is just the starting process that looks complicated.

Fortunately, with the correct design tips and sparkle of creativity, you can create a beautiful outcome. Have fun decorating!

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