5 new trends in interior wall decoration

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Every year new trends come out, attract people attention and knock them off their feet. This last year was as stylish as they get, and it is hard to imagine anything topping it off when it comes to walls designs and decorations. But that is probably what was said 2 years ago while we were looking for different patterns and colors to put on our walls. So here are five totally new designs people will be decorating their home walls in the upcoming 2016.

Opus Piano

All new sophisticated model of wall designs from a collection that many are familiar with. This one, Piano, comes in a number of different colors, sixteen to be exact. It uses a mixture of shades which range from the softest to a little darker patterns. This is a whole new design which is very innovative and it combines natural materials, like stone and wood with geometrical shapes for a whole new furnishing experience. A room with the all new and sophisticated Piano designs has a strong personality. This designs plays with geometry and has a dual finish, with polished floors and reeded finish for the wall. The aesthetics are very appealing to the eye with its natural blend of colors.

new trends in interior wall decoration

Eco Wallpapers

Their latest  collection was made in collaboration with a Swedish design group that never worked with paper before. In this collection we will have chance to see a series of different wallpaper patterns based on various shading techniques. Nine different wallpaper designs are featured in this collection and every one of those creates an image of depth and structure. Sketched patterns and different shadows were used with a white surface to achieve that depth. It is obvious that perception was a big inspiration in this collection which uses shapes that are both discreet and stand out at the same time.

YoYo Collection

Collection of wall coverings that were digitally printed and come in three very unique options. These wallpapers with fresh colors in combination with drawings of classical art offer a fresh touch  to modern furniture in your homes. Your living room will look like a piece in a modern art gallery when combined with this lively collection of colors that features different patterns of modern art on its wall covers.

Wall Tiles

This option is still very popular and will never go out of fashion while it will give the room elegancy that you are looking for. Enrich your home interiors with a pallet of colors,  designs patterns that are very unique and textures that awaken imagination of those who walk into bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms that feature this design. Wall tiles are very versatile and can be used in any room, it is practical material and it can make a living room look comfortable and luxurious at the same time, and it can make a room look very stylish. The technology today allows us to experiment with different patterns that can look like they are made of stone or wood in any geometrical shape imaginable.

new trends in interior wall decoration1

Power of Flowers

This all new collection from Cynthia Rowley is going to make you fall in love with it. These floral patterns are blooming and you can bring the spring inside your home with this lively and colorful collection. It features still life, botanical inspired patterns that can be used in any room with a variety of styles, modern and classic.

A good wallpaper is a great way to bring a fresh look to your home, and since the technology has come a long way with digital art printing you can even put a Mona Lisa in your living room.

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