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How to plan lighting in your house?

Whether you’re working on a design project for your new house or thinking about renovating, one of the main things you should think about is lighting. It’s incredibly important to get this right because, without good lighting, even the most interesting interior design will look boring and unappealing. So even if you don’t necessarily want to renovate the whole house, you can completely change the way it looks by simply changing the lights.

Types of lighting

Creating the perfect lighting plan is not as easy as it may seem. There are many things you need to consider, and right at the very top of the list is choosing the best type of lighting that will suit your needs. Generally, you shouldn’t stick to just one type of light, so try to implement different solutions in your project to achieve the best results.

Make it practical

Now that you know what types of lighting you get to choose from, it’s time to consider what solutions each of the rooms needs. While you can safely assume that the main ceiling lamps should be installed in every room, the placement of the smaller lamps is not really that obvious. Task lighting will definitely be necessary for the kitchen area, especially if you cook a lot. And using accent lights can help you create decorations and highlight the elements you already like the most in your interior design.

The first thing you should do is taking a walk around the whole house. But don’t rush, take your time to consider how exactly every single corner of your space is used. If you have rooms that you don’t use because they are simply too dark – add more lighting. Focus on the areas that are frequently used. Is your office comfortable to work in? Can you see everything clearly when you prepare your meals in the kitchen? Don’t forget that going for the brightest solutions is not always the best idea. Rooms that are too bright can feel just as uncomfortable as those that are too dark, so always consider your needs first.

Consider all the options

Choosing the perfect lighting options may seem like a daunting task. That’s why you need to know which steps to take first. You can’t just focus on popular lighting trends without considering the needs of your living space. Parts of your house that are naturally bright don’t need so much artificial lighting during the day, but darker areas will need at least some source of additional light. That’s why the amount of sunlight that gets into your home should always be one of the main factors you keep in mind.

And don’t forget to compare different options. That’s the easiest way to find the best and the most cost-effective ones. Plus, by investing in the most efficient solutions, you’ll be able to save energy and, in effect, your money.

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