Light up your Home in Style

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The first thing any modern household would expect from the house lighting is an attractive look that enhances their home. However, in order to characterize something as a modern and stylish it needs to fulfill one important condition – functionality. The lighting in your home should be visually comfortable and compliant with the space. Carefully chosen lighting has a positive effect on the quality of life, increases energy and mood. Good lighting allows people to see clearly, creates a pleasant atmosphere and highlights things or parts of space that are the most prominent.

Before you draw up a precise plan for buying lighting, be aware of the most important features of any room in which new lights will be set up. It is necessary to determine room’s primary function and lighting plan accordingly. Identify the location of each room in relation to the cardinal directions and the size of the windows. It is necessary to set up a stronger lighting in rooms facing north, because in the winter there won’t be much natural light coming through.


Since the hallway is the first area of your house someone who is visiting you will see, the effect of it on general first impression is very important. Lighting in the hallways should always create a warm welcoming atmosphere, be undirected and unexaggerated, which can be obtained by a combination of hanging chandeliers, wall lamps and lanterns. The recommendation is to focus on non-directional, warm and white lighting, without unnecessary details and unusual colors, and combine it with large mirrors that light will further highlight.

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Living Room

The most important room in the house is probably the living room since people spend most of their time there. The emphasis should be on lighting that is easily controlled and which is in accordance with natural light coming through windows, and other light sources like television. The recommendation is a combination of modern design, chandeliers and floor lighting in the form of large lamps. Use the so-called accent lighting, small light sources that will make guests pay attention to stylish key elements of your living room such as the fireplace, decorations, modern design or antique furniture and paintings. Additional flexibility and convenience will provide lamps with dimmer switches, which let you precisely determine the intensity of light and create the desired atmosphere.


Kitchen lighting should always be functional and allow pleasant working environment, with directed sources of light which should light up all important worktops. A good solution can be linear led lighting, especially for directed lighting in warm or neutral white. If the kitchen is also the dining room and space for socializing, add several smaller sources of light that will create a relaxing feeling.

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The basis of bathroom lighting can be a wall lamp combined with a halogen bulb which will provide a white, intense light. Of course, there is no need for especially strong light in the bathroom. It is recommended not to use any decorative lamps or complexly designed chandeliers, because it is essential that the lighting in the bathroom is functional and simple.


Bedroom requires a combination of strong, undirected light with several smaller elements that will produce warmer, but weak light, like a wall lantern or reading lamp. As far as the main source of light is concerned, the classic chandelier should be quite sufficient, and a dimmer switch can come in handy, too.

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With good advice, a little creativity and some consultation with home lighting professionals, you can brighten up your home room by room so that your stay in each of them is maximally pleasant and comfortable.


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