Top Lighting Trends That Homeowners Should Check Out

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Lighting trends are dynamic. To keep up with them, you need to keep educating yourself. 

To that end, we have put together this post that covers some expert-predicted lighting trends for the coming year.

Check them out.

1. Vintage Designs

There’s no doubt that vintage designs add a touch of nostalgia to any space. And now, they are going to witness a resurgence. Vintage chandeliers and lamps with distressed wood and copper accents will adorn modern homes.

2. Clean Minimalistic Designs 

While on one hand, we will see more ornate vintage lights, on the other we will see their exact opposite—modern, sleek minimalistic designs. Typically made out of metal, these super-classy designs will be easy to maintain and light on the pocket.

3. Loud Statement Pieces 

This year, you can go really unconventional with your light designs. Experiment with different configurations, shade materials, and primary materials. You need not shy away from beaded chandeliers and farmhouse lights that scream for attention.

4. Practical Adjustable Designs

Light designs will be attractive as well as practical. You will see more adjustable lamps that rotate 360 degrees to illuminate dark corners. Likewise, versatile track lights will find a place in living rooms with drop ceilings and uneven topography.

Want to Learn More trends?

The above lighting trends will dominate the lighting space for years to come. If you want to check a few more upcoming lighting trends, check out this infographic developed by Claxy.

Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year
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