6 Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Last Updated on April 19, 2022 by Kravelv

Effectively lighting your home can be the finishing touches for any interior design project. The capability to light rooms differently depending on the time of day or even year is a useful versatility, making it a welcoming and homely space. Excellent lighting solutions can create different atmospheres, save money on electricity and make rooms aesthetically pleasing even when not turned on.

Glass walls

Lighting solutions, it should be noted, do not have to rely on lighting installations. Filling your house with natural light is a delightful way to brighten a home, and glass walls are arguably the best way to do this. When finding a supplier for installations like this, always find a local and reputable provider. For instance, if you’re looking for a sliding glass wall supplier in Texas, then finding a distributor with decades of experience in making customizable designs that fit your home is vital.

LED flush ceiling lights

Ceiling lights that sit flush to the surface are excellent options for bathrooms and kitchens alike. Lighting a room from above provides excellent clarity of vision in the areas that need it most, such as over kitchen counters or your stove. Investing in LED ceiling lights is recommended as they have longer lives than other bulbs, provide superb light intensity and have incredibly low amounts of radiated heat.

Corner lamps

On an evening, however, you might not be looking for this intensity of light. Settling down for a night of watching television or reading is much more comfortable in an ambiently lit room and having sleek, stylish lamps in the corners of a room is excellent for this. If you are working into the night or, as mentioned, reading, then having reading lamps by your desks or chairs will provide you with an added isolated light focus.


Fireplaces, perhaps surprisingly, provide clever solutions to lighting certain areas of a room. If your fireplace is unused, it can be filled with twinkle lights, while fireplace surrounds can also be fitted with light fixtures. Making a statement lighting piece of your fireplace provides a focal point of any room around which your friends and families can orbit.


Natural light can also be achieved on the upper floors of your home with skylights. Shedding natural light from above, skylights create a more open feel in what can be the stuffier rooms in a building. Skylights let in fresh air when open and provide solar heating when shut, saving your energy expenses while looking fantastic.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is lighting which focuses in and highlights a particular feature or object of a home. This is commonly used for paths outside or art and decorations inside. If there is a particular artifact that you wish to draw attention to then accent lighting is the solution you’re looking for. This type of lighting is secondary, rather than the primary light of a room. Choosing the type of accent lighting will depend on the overall aesthetic of your home. For instance, brass lamps could suit a more traditional style while hanging pendant lights are a more modern alternative. You can check more different lightings type by visiting trainspotters lighting.

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