25 Ways for Getting a Great Looking Deck

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Kravelv

We know you want to enjoy your deck no matter what the season is and there is no reason why you should stop.  With Autumn just around the corner and the unpredictable weather in Melbourne, it is time to start thinking about experimenting with what you can add so you can keep enjoying your deck; an electric heater or some throw blankets are a starting point.

With a change of season, it is also an ideal time to experiment with a change of style; perhaps Scandi is the look for you?  Or perhaps Boho is more your style with large colourful mats and cushions?

Whatever you choose to do, it’s a good time to remember that a great looking deck isn’t just about the wood.  We have some decking ideas that will take your deck to the next level of comfort and design.


When the sun shines you will want some protection in the form of shade, so why not make your first desking design change in the form of a pergola.  There is the versatility with a pergola because you can grow a few climbers to add a splash of colour, or create a beautiful outdoor room which adds just enough light for a balance between sun and shade.

Warmth and Coziness

In recent years the firepit has become one of the most sought-after accessories for the deck, and with good reason.  A firepit instantly creates a welcoming ambience on those cooler days and evenings, bringing family or friends together to toast marshmallows while keeping warm.  In adding a firepit to your outdoor space, you will be adding a rustic yet stylish look to your deck.  Worried about ruining your deck?  Simply make a hearth out of a large paving slab and your deck will be protected.

Decking Wood Choices

There are many styles of wood that are available for decks so it is worth doing your research to find the right fit for your garden.  It is important to consider how much time and effort is required in the upkeep of the wood while not compromising on the style you like.  Decking materials are evolving and a composite decking material is becoming increasingly popular because it doesn’t rot, warp or splinter, while also requiring little long-term maintenance.

Composite Decking

Longevity and easy maintenance are what a busy professional or family want for their homes, including outdoor spaces such as decking.  Products are now available that are as durable as concrete but have a wooden effect known as composite decking.  It takes all the hard work out of a deck and allows you to just enjoy your space. Find out more about composite decking.

Small Decking Areas

More people have less outdoor space but still want a decked area to relax or entertain on.  Small spaces can still be packed with the essentials for comfort such as bistro tables and chairs, bench seating, some pots and plants that can easily be moved to freshen the space and enjoy the warmth of the right type of lighting.

Raised Decks

Railed decking areas are perfect if you are lucky enough to have a raised area in your garden.  Not only will the rails offer safety, they will also achieve a zoning effect and can be styled to suit your garden design.  Simply adding comfortable outdoor furniture will create a space for gathering with your family and your guests. You can head over to Deck+Railing if you’re interested in using rails for your deck that can offer you a great view of the backyard while still being fully safe.

Colour for Outdoor Dining

Your deck can go from basic to brilliance just by adding a pop of colour with chairs or other outdoor furniture.  Mixing and matching colours is a current trend that you can use to your advantage, making your outdoor space fun, vibrant and maintenance-free.  All there is left to do is enjoy the space.

Light it Up

To be able to use your deck late into the evening, it is important that your lighting is given ample consideration.  Planning your garden and deck lighting to create the right mood you wish to convey will determine what type of lights you want.  In a world where we are conscious of the environment, solar decking lights are becoming increasingly popular, as well as other eco friendly lights such as LED and candles.

Covered Decks

Covering your deck can simply mean sheltering it with a screen, and not giving it a roof.  It is important to remember that while natural wood creates ambience, it will need staining and oiling on a regular basis as most decks do.  You can use the stain creatively in your garden space by using different coloured stains on decorative wood to create an effective and inspired look.

‘Rooms’ are also popular in decking areas, creating different spaces for people to enjoy and using interesting wood and staining to create naturally vibrant zones.

Summerhouse Deck

A deck can also be another room, such as a summerhouse which are built with a deck platform, and can look sophisticated and stylish.  Building a space where you can catch natural light of the sun but also making the most of the shade from the elements on those hotter days will make the perfect location for this little piece of home in the garden.

Colour, Colour, Colour!

Decks have a history of being bland and neutral, but we live in a time now where we have access to a variety of deck paints to add colour and personality to your outdoor spaces.  You can choose bold and bright, greys or a natural subtle green depending on your style.  Using paint means the deck will be sealed and the wood nurtured.

Go Green with Potted Plants

Sometimes a little bit of green can go a long way to softening a space, which is why adding plants and foliage to your deck is a simple and versatile solution.  Good quality pots and plants are a small investment for long-term enjoyment and come in a variety of heights and styles to create the best visual effect.  Most importantly, don’t forget to water them!

Water Features

We love the idea of a deck surrounding a water feature such as a small pond in a country garden.  Decking around a pond is a lovely contemporary look that has appeal but is also practical.

Private Spaces

There is nothing nicer than feeling like you have a private backyard oasis.  Surrounding your deck with a strong vertical garden will give you a spacious yet intimate space just for you and your guests.  When choosing the plants, perennials are ideal as they won’t drop their leaves which means a secluded area is maintained throughout the whole year.

Irregular Shaped Deck for Plant Beds

Embedding the deck around your existing garden will make your garden flow and create a pathway to enjoy your plants no matter what the season.

Bespoke Lighting

We have covered different fairy and solar lighting, but there are other more traditional options such as spotlights which will add flair to your decking at night.  For something a little unusual, you could try bespoke or panel lights which will accentuate the space and make it a feature of your garden as the sunsets.

Hot Tub

There are many ways to add a hot tub to your deck and it is an increasingly popular option, especially in a climate where swimming pools are impractical for most of the year.  Whether it is out in the elements or partially covered it will add fun and relaxation to your decking space.

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