How to Choose the Ideal Fireplace for Your Living Room?

Last Updated on April 14, 2022 by Kravelv

Hang art on the wall, paint the ceiling, display some DIY crafts, buy a Christmas tree, install a fireplace…the option to choose when it is time to decorate your lovely living room is much. In fact, aside from the ones mentioned above, there are thousands of possible ways you could invigorate your space. However, when it comes to pairing decoration with function, a fireplace stands out.

Indeed, when winter comes trolling in, a fireplace becomes more than a decoration; it becomes a savior from the cold nights. However, choosing an ideal fireplace for your living room is as paramount as buying one. We understand that making a choice of a fireplace might not be an easy ride, and that’s why we’ve brought you some helpful tips. Check them out:

What are the Variables to Consider?

Choosing a fireplace is like a coin: choose the right one and it becomes the focal point of your decorations.Choose the wrong one and it creates a negative vibe for you and your guests. So, before heading out to the store, take notice of these important details:

The Width of Your Room

Choose an extra-large fireplace and it ends up dominating the entire arena of the living room; which is not so good for small spaces. And on the other hand, picking an overly small one- compared to your living room’s size- will not attract the necessary attention and add the vigor it was intended to give in the first place. Seeking professional advice might be necessary here.

Watch Out for the Color

If the reason you wish to buy a fireplace is for decorative purposes, this tip is very essential. Fireplaces usually come in either black or a range of metals; such as bronze and stainless steel. So, it won’t be much of a problem incorporating them into the home design. However, when it comes to the fireplace surround- the mantel- they come in a range of colors. It is important that you choose a fireplace surround that would easily fit in the color of the rest of the room. Notwithstanding, a simple choice is to go white; with this, you can easily pick any bright color for the rest of the room.

Once you have figured out how and where to install your new fireplace…

Reflect on Your Home Style

In as much as you could resort to fireplace inserts such as the opti myst insert to convert the appeal your fireplace gives, you could as well decide on what style of your fireplace before installation; however, depending on the style of your living room. So, whatever the style of your living room is: modern with the minimalist appeal or traditional with the cozy but rustic feel, ensure your choice of fireplace fits in.

Decide on the Fireplace’s Main Purpose

When the idea of a fireplace came into your head, what was the corresponding image that came alongside? You and your friends gathered beside it with a bottle of champagne on a Friday night? Or you cuddling near it on a cold night? Or simply for aesthetic purposes? Whatever purpose you might have in mind, communicating it with the fireplace sales person or any other professional will make your selection process more well-informed and much easier.